Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television Season 2

YouTube original shows got a lot more publicity after Cobra Kai became the streaming platform’s big hit. The Karate Kid sequel series led to more high profile shows like Impulse, Origin, Wayne, and the upcoming Weird City from Jordan Peele. It also helped an earlier YouTube series, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes On Television, get a second season.

Ryan Hansen plays a caricature of himself, paired with a real cop (Samira Wiley in season 1, Wood Harris in season 2), while he’s still auditioning for acting roles in a Hamilton movie or Black Panther musical. Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes On Television breaks all the rules of narrative storytelling. Hansen records vertical selfie videos, breaks the fourth wall frequently, closes each episode on a three camera sitcom set with his “family,” and has tons of celebrity cameos. Dodgeball creator Rawson Marshall Thurber created Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television.

Season 1 is now free on YouTube to encourage people to get in on the joke. Thurber and Hansen spoke with /Film by phone about the new tricks in store for season 2, including a fake Party Down reboot called Party Up, and more cameos including Jillian Bell as a rival actor crime solver. Season 2 premieres Wednesday, January 30 on YouTube Premium.

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