Future Marvel Movie Directors

With some sense of normalcy on the horizon following a year of shuttered theaters and quarantining, Marvel Studios has stepped back into the spotlight with some big announcements. Along with the first footage from Eternals, the eagerly awaited cosmic comic book movie, Marvel has also announced the official titles for the upcoming Black Panther and Captain Marvel sequels, and they should get fans very excited. Read More »

Black Panther 2 Lupita Nyong'o

Black Panther 2 is a highly-anticipated sequel that’s bound to also be difficult for many people. The sudden death of star Chadwick Boseman has left the film with an unfillable absence, and many are wondering just how director Ryan Coogler will continue the series in the wake of Boseman’s passing. Coogler has already spoken about the challenges involved with moving forward, and now co-star Lupita Nyong’o is speaking about what it’s going to be like to make the sequel without Boseman.

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Black Panther II Still Shooting in Georgia

After the state of Georgia recently passed restrictive new voting laws that have stirred up controversy, Atlanta-based companies like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines have spoken out against the legislation. On the show business side of things, Antoine Fuqua and Will Smith pulled their production of the runaway slave drama Emancipation from the state. But it sounds like Disney and Marvel Studios won’t be following suit.

Black Panther II director Ryan Coogler wrote a statement announcing that the Marvel Studios sequel will still be shooting in Atlanta, following in the footsteps of many Marvel Cinematic Universe productions over the years. Though the director vehemently opposes the controversial voting legislation, he explained why the production won’t be moving out of Georgia to take a stand against the law. Read More »

black panther 2 update

Chadwick Boseman‘s death last summer caught almost everyone off-guard as the actor had kept his colon cancer diagnosis private. And Ryan Coogler, who directed Boseman in Black Panther, was one of the many people surprised by Boseman’s death, as he had already been working on the script for Black Panther 2 for Boseman to star in. Following Boseman’s passing, there was some question as to how the film series could even continue. Eventually, everyone decided to move forward with altered plans – Black Panther 2 would happen, but rather than recast Boseman’s now-iconic role of T’Challa, Coogler would re-work his script. In a recent interview, Coogler adds that moving forward would’ve been exactly what Boseman would’ve wanted.

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black panther 2 chadwick boseman

Chadwick Boseman‘s death last summer was shocking and devastating to many people, and the tragedy is further underscored when you watch him deliver arguably the best performance of his career in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, his final film. Boseman was an actor in his prime, and he no doubt had many more great performances to deliver – performances we’ll now never see. One future role for the actor was going to be Black Panther 2, and in the wake of his death, it was announced that Boseman’s lead role of T’Challa would not be recast. Writer-director Ryan Coogler was already at work on Black Panther 2 when Boseman died, which means he’s had to go back and rework his script. In a recent interview, Coogler opened up about the difficulty of Boseman’s loss.

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Space Jam: A New Legacy First Look

Thanks to all the endless comparisons between basketball players Michael Jordan and LeBron James, audiences have been demanding to see a sequel to Space Jam featuring the latter NBA champion, especially since his big screen debut in Trainwreck. For better or worse, fans are getting their wish with Space Jam: A New Legacy coming to theaters and HBO Max this summer, and details on the film’s plot, beyond the expected basketball game involving the Looney Tunes, have finally been revealed along with some first look photos. Read More »

coming to america ryan coogler

Here’s a Hollywood “what if” for you: What if Ryan Coogler had directed the Coming to America sequel? It could have happened, Eddie Murphy revealed in an interview ahead of the Amazon Prime Video release of the long-awaited Coming 2 America. The Black Panther director — long before he helmed the Marvel phenomenon — had approached Murphy with a pitch for a Coming to America sequel. And while Coogler’s pitch didn’t interest Murphy, it did help get the ball rolling on what would eventually become Coming 2 America.

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wakanda tv series

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is sticking with the House of Mouse. Coogler’s Proximity Media has just signed a five-year overall exclusive television deal with Disney, which will have Coogler developing new television series for Disney+ and other TV divisions of the company. And that deal already has a project that will have people buzzing: a Wakanda TV series is headed to Disney+.

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Ryan Coogler Soul

If you pay close attention during the closing credits of Pixar’s Soul, you’ll spot one name that may come as something of a surprise: Ryan Coogler. The director of Black Panther and Creed was never announced as part of the creative team for this film, so what did he do to earn a “special thanks” credit in Pixar’s newest movie? We spoke with the filmmakers behind the movie and asked them that very question, and they explained the Ryan Coogler Soul connection. Learn the answer below. Read More »

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Black Panther 2 filming in july

In the wake of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman‘s surprising and tragic death, we assumed that Marvel Studios and director Ryan Coogler would put the planned Black Panther 2 on the back burner while they grieved and figured out the best way to move forward with the sequel to the billion dollar hit.

But apparently they’ve already figured things out – or at least to such a degree that a production start date has already been set. A new report says that Black Panther 2 will begin filming in July 2021, just four months after its initial planned production start. And not only that, but the movie has also found an actor to play one of its villains.
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