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Malcolm McDowell is the latest prestigious actor to join the far-too-good cast of the untitled Fox News movie. Annapurna’s upcoming drama telegraphs the downfall of Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who was deposed in 2016 following multiple allegations of sexual harassment.  McDowell joins the the Fox News movie cast as media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

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During a quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, Fox chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch revealed that he is in “very early talks” with Director James Cameron about greenlighting a Avatar sequel, adding that Cameron “has ideas” for a sequel, and that “We will be pushing for one.” Well, duh!

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In the current economic climate, simply typing a sentence about a film that, including marketing costs, now tallies up to a reported half-a-billion dollars is surreal enough to put Dr. Evil on stun. That’s the unprecedented figure being batted around in a new NYT report about the financial realities that lie ahead for James Cameron‘s Avatar and 20th Century Fox. So, what exactly are the stakes and how much does the 3D sci-fi actioner and proclaimed cinematic game changer need to gross come December?

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This story is too great not to post. According to an ‘unlawful termination’ suit that the lawyer for fired Fox columnist Roger Friedman will file in New York this week, the Wolverine leak can actually be traced back to News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch. Martin Garbus, Friedman’s lawyer, claims that Murdoch requested a DVD copy of the film, and “apparently, someone made another copy for themselves.” No shit? I’m still siding with Devin at CHUD, who explained how a post-production leak was probably the hole from which Wolverine wriggled onto the internet. But everyone hates Murdoch, so why not pin this on him, too. That’s not even the whole of the lawsuit, which claims that Friedman’s firing was actually the result of…whisper it…Scientologists! I told you this was great. More after the jump. Read More »

Rupert Murdoch’s Blunder: Borat 2 Announced


News Corp head Rupert Murdoch announced on Thursday that Fox would be reteaming with Sacha Baron Cohen for a Borat sequel. One small problem, it’s not actually true.
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