Rogue Trooper Movie

Moon and Mute director Duncan Jones teased last week that his next project would be a comic book movie. Immediately, fans began speculating which Marvel Studios or DC Extended Universe project the filmmaker might be taking on. But it appears they needed to look beyond the two biggest players in the comic book world for their answer.

Duncan Jones posted a homemade video to Twitter over the weekend featuring himself pondering what project to tackle next. He alludes to the possibility of something Marvel or DC related, even mentions the likes of Image Comics and Dark Horse. But we soon find that what tickles the fancy of Duncan Jones is something from the 2000 AD comic book world, where Judge Dredd resides. However, Jones doesn’t have his eyes on reviving Dredd, but instead he might be bringing Rogue Trooper to the big screen for the first time. Read More »

Gary Whitta Starlight

Today is the last installment of our extensive interview with screenwriter Gary Whitta (Book of Eli, After Earth). Promoting the pre-order of his first novel, Abomination, Whitta talked to us not only about his career thus far, but the future and unproduced projects that haven’t happened.

Today in the fifth and final installment which primarily focuses on some of the screenwriter/producer’s future projects, including a big screen adaptation of Kick-Ass/Wanted creator Mark Millar’s Starlight, an adaptation of the 2000AD comic Rogue Trooper that Gary is trying to bring to the big screen (we even get an EXCLUSIVE look at some concept art that has been created for the movie), and we check in with the progress on trying to secure rights to The Last Starfighter remake. Read the Gary Whitta Starlight interview after the jump.

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