This story is too great not to post. According to an ‘unlawful termination’ suit that the lawyer for fired Fox columnist Roger Friedman will file in New York this week, the Wolverine leak can actually be traced back to News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch. Martin Garbus, Friedman’s lawyer, claims that Murdoch requested a DVD copy of the film, and “apparently, someone made another copy for themselves.” No shit? I’m still siding with Devin at CHUD, who explained how a post-production leak was probably the hole from which Wolverine wriggled onto the internet. But everyone hates Murdoch, so why not pin this on him, too. That’s not even the whole of the lawsuit, which claims that Friedman’s firing was actually the result of…whisper it…Scientologists! I told you this was great. More after the jump. Read More »