Rock Hudson Biopic

Right now, rock legend Freddie Mercury is making waves at the box office in the form of the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, telling the story about how his band Queen rose to fame and would make an impact on music for generations. More importantly, the film shines a light on Freddie Mercury’s sexuality, though the frontman never addressed it out in the open. Now, Universal Pictures is looking to the history of the silver screen for a new biopic that will focus on a Hollywood icon forced to hide his own sexuality until he was close to his death bed.

Rock Hudson was a huge Hollywood star with one of those classic long-term studio deals intended to make him a star at Universal. Hudson was given plenty of publicity honors by various entertainment magazines like Star of the Year and Favorite Leading Man, but he was never able to show the viewing public who he really was, always hiding the fact that he was gay despite endless questions about such matters in his private life. Read More »