Heroes Reborn trailer

Was the world really clamoring for more Heroes? Probably not, but superhero shows are the hot thing right now, and NBC wasn’t about to let a perfectly good old property go to waste. In any case, Heroes Reborn is happening whether you like it or not, so let’s just hope it turns out better than the original Heroes did.

The first real Heroes Reborn trailer straddles the line between the fresh and the familiar. Zachary LeviRyan Guzman, and Kiki Sukezane are among the new characters, while Jack Coleman‘s HRG and Masi Oka‘s Hiro are some of those returning. Watch the Heroes Reborn trailer after the jump.  Read More »

Spider-Man Brackets

What’s the deal with the controversial Batgirl comic cover? How can you win a trip to the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron? Is there a porn version of the Guardians of the Galaxy? Have casting calls began for Captain America: Civil War? Was Sally Field amused by the idea of an Aunt May spin-off film? Who is the latest cast member of Heroes Reborn? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »