Riz Ahmed Star Wars

Riz Ahmed is garnering rave reviews and awards season attention for his work in Sound of Metal, and now he’s got an eye on the future. The actor just signed a first-look TV deal with Sound of Metal distributor Amazon Studios. In other Riz Ahmed news: when asked if he might return for more Venom or Star Wars films, Ahmed essentially said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

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Sound of Metal Director Interview

Sound of Metal is a movie pulsating with life. It’s such a gut-churning drama, the kind you feel instinctually in every passing moment. It’s a pure debut film from director Darius Marder. Prior to his Toronto Film Festival hit (now available on Amazon Prime), Marder co-wrote The Place Beyond the Pines, made his directorial debut with Loot (2008), and edited a variety of documentaries.

Marder’s experience in documentaries shows in Sound of Metal, which is about a two-person punk band drummer named Ruben (Riz Ahmed) losing his hearing. It’s also a story about addiction, community, love and time, and the search for stillness. Sound of Metal is an emotionally stirring debut that Marder recently told us about crafting.

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sound of metal trailer

Riz Ahmed gives one of the year’s best performances in Sound of Metal, an Amazon film in which Ahmed plays a drummer who suddenly goes deaf, throwing his entire world into chaos. His girlfriend leaves him and he finds himself in a house for the deaf. And while there’s no miracle cure for his condition, Ahmed’s character refuses to accept the situation he finds himself in. Watch the Sound of Metal trailer below.

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sound of metal release date

One year after its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, Sound of Metal is finally being released. The Riz Ahmed film about a drummer who suddenly loses his hearing is set to hit theaters in November before heading to Amazon in December. Instead of a traditional trailer or teaser, a new video below features Ahmed, director Darius Marder, and more cast members announcing the impending release.

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Invasion cast

Riz Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) is about to get back in science fiction mode.

Emmy winner Ahmed and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) have joined the cast of Invasion, a new sci-fi thriller that’s been acquired by Amazon Studios. Get the details about the upcoming project below.  Read More »

sandman audiobook

Neil Gaiman‘s comic book series The Sandman has long been one of Hollywood’s white whales — a seemingly unadaptable series following the adventures of the physical embodiment of Dreams that the industry has tried and failed to bring to the big screen for years. But while chatter of the in-development Netflix series has (unsurprisingly) died down, The Sandman will be adapted in another medium for the first time: audiobooks. A Sandman audiobook is set to debut this July, narrated by Gaiman himself and featuring a star-studded cast led by James McAvoy, who takes on the title role of Dream.

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sound of metal review

A sensory overload, Sound of Metal is one of the most fascinating films you’ll see all year. Even when Darius Marder‘s lengthy character drama isn’t quite working – a problem that persists in the final act – it’s always engaging. Sound of Metal puts you in its main character’s headspace more intensely than most movies, fully drawing us into the psyche of heavy metal drummer Ruben Stone (Riz Ahmed, delivering a powerhouse performance). After a life spent slamming away on a drum kit, Ruben suddenly loses his hearing, changing his life dramatically, even drastically. And we’re with him every step of the way, wrapped up in his journey.

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the sisters brothers trailer

The Sisters Brothers is a strange, lovely, post-modern Western, and it’s now playing in limited release. In honor of the film’s slow rollout, a final Sisters Brothers trailer is here, selling the curious nature of the movie. This is one of the more interesting films you’ll see all year, and it’s almost impossible to truly classify. See for yourself by watching The Sisters Brothers trailer below.

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Venom Clip

There are only two weeks left until Venom arrives in theaters, giving us all the face-licking, head-chomping, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde comic book action fans could ever want from the Marvel Comics anti-hero. That means Sony Pictures is ramping up the marketing for the movie, and what do Venom fans want to see from this movie the most? Tom Hardy doing hard-hitting journalism by confronting Riz Ahmed about the dangerous experiments supposedly being conducted by the Life Foundation. Read More »

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venom trailer

A new Venom trailer is here, and it has everything fans of the character could want: slime, tongues, and Tom Hardy talking to himself. The film is part of Sony’s Spider-Verse (or is it the Venom-Verse? Answer unclear), a series of films which aren’t connected to Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man films, like Homecoming and the upcoming Far From Home. Confused? Don’t worry! None of this matters. Watch the Venom trailer below!

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