Page 2: Groundhog Day Edition (and Much More)

What is Page 2? Page 2 is a compilation of stories and news tidbits, which for whatever reason, didn’t make the front page of /Film. After the jump we’ve included 24 different items, fun images, videos, casting tidbits, articles of interest and more. It’s like a mystery grab bag of movie web related goodness. If you have any interesting items that we might’ve missed that you think should go in /Film’s Page 2 – email us!

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Not too long ago there was word that Red Tails, the WWII movie produced by George Lucas and directed by The Wire‘s Anthony Hemingway, would be undergoing extensive reshoots. At the time, the report was that Lucas and producer Rick McCallum were quite unhappy with Hemingway’s material. That seemed dubious, though the idea of reshoots was certainly credible.

Not long after, Lucas said that the report was inaccurate, but didn’t deny it outright. Now there’s more information, and yes, Lucas is directing the reshoots, making Red Tails the first non-Star Wars film to bear his directorial touch in quite some time. (Possibly since American Graffiti, but one has to suspect that he has essentially directed at least small portions of other films he’s produced since then.) Read More »

NBC Cancels Heroes: Origins? Boba Fett in Star Wars TV Series?

NBC has decided to pull the Heroes spin-off miniseries Heroes: Origins from a midseason launch. THR is claiming that the writers strike may have contributed to this move, but I’m sure the slight drop is Heroes ratings had more to do with the decision. And while the network isn’t saying what will become of the six episode series, word is that it’s dead. Kevin Smith, Eli Roth and John August were some of the writer/directors tapped for the miniseries. Very disappointing, because it would have been interesting to see what Heroes would look like with some good writing talent involved. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. But it is the worst written good show on television. Some of the dialogue this season has been over-the-top horrendous (“Are you an Alien or a Robot?”).

Meanwhile our friends at IESB say that infamous Bounty Hunter Boba Fett will be featured in the Star Wars live-action television series. Apparently Star Wars producer Rick McCallum told the audience at Star Wars Reunion 2 in France this weekend that he would like to see Daniel Logan in the Bobba Fett armor in the planned live-action television series. Logan played young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones. If you remember, the young guy witnessed his father Jango Fett’s death. A revenge story involving Samuel L Jackson’s character Mace Windu would be great, but didn’t George Lucas say that none of the major Star Wars characters would show up on screen in the new series? McCallum also revealed that George Lucas hopes to extend the planned 100 episode series to close to 400 episodes.