For a minute there, it looked as if Eddie Murphy‘s career might have a trampoline off which it could rebound. Murphy was tapped as the lead in a Richard Pryor biopic (Richard Pryor: Is it Something I Said) and while that would have been waaay on-the-nose casting (Murphy has never been shy about noting the debt his early act owed to Pryor) it might have rescued Murphy’s rep from the pit of shit in which he’s kept it penned for years. But Murphy dropped out of the pic, and now Marlon Wayans is in ‘advanced talks’ to take the role for Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Prods. version of Pryor’s life. Read More »

Eddie Murphy’s Richard Pryor Impression

pryor murphy

Last week it was reported that Eddie Murphy had been cast as Richard Pryor in the Bill Condon-produced biopic of the famous comedian. What will Eddie Murphy’s Pryor sound like? OWF points us to a video clip from the classic 1988 Raw comedy special (which we haven’t seen in quite a few years) which features Murphy doing an impression of Pryor. Check out the clip embedded after the jump.

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Bill Condon had his biopic Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? in development at The Weinstein Company, but they put it into turnaround so now Condon has attached Eddie Murphy as star and gone out to court the studios for a new deal. Condon previously threatened to relaunch Murphy’s acting career (as in actual acting) with his Oscar nominated part in Dreamgirls – this was ultimately an idle threat, as it happens, but perhaps they’ll follow through this time.

According to Nicole Sperling at EW, Fox Searchlight are definitely interested in the Pryor project though they have (zzz zzz zzz) refused to comment officially. By this time tomorrow we’ll know more, I’m sure.

There’s one particular story about Pryor that I’d absolutely love to see in the film, though it sadly doesn’t seem entirely likely… let me tell you the tale now, anyway…

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