hawkeye directors

Marvel Studios has zeroed in on some directors for its Disney+ Hawkeye series, and as usual for the studio, it has selected some out-of-the-box choices.

Bert and Bertie, the female writing/directing duo best known for directing the Amazon movie Troop Zero, will direct multiple episodes of the upcoming show, while Rhys Thomas, a Saturday Night Live veteran who directed the Amazon comedy seriesĀ Comrade Detective, will also direct a block of episodes. Looks like Hawkeye might end up being funnier than we thought. Read More »

Staten Island Summer

For those who don’t know, I’m a massive fan of Saturday Night Live. The show has been a favorite since I was a kid. Even though it was the early 90s when I became sucked in by Wayne’s World and Chris Farley, I’ve stuck with the show ever since, through all their ups and downs, and have soaked up everything I can about its history. I’ve read countless books and articles, watched countless old sketches form before my time, and just can’t get enough of SNL.

Therefore, I’m very pleased to report (via The Wrap) that Netflix is closing a deal with Paramount Insurge to pick up a new comedy called Staten Island Summer. What does this have to do with SNL? Hit the jump and find out! Read More »