the haunting season 3

If you were hoping that Mike Flanagan and company would take you to a new spooky house for a third Haunting season, I have some bad news. According to the filmmaker, who created both The Haunting of Hill House and the recent The Haunting of Bly Manor for Netflix, there are currently no plans for a third entry. Meanwhile, in other Mike Flanagan news, the director’s film adaptation of Stephen King‘s Revival seems to be dead.

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the stand first look

Director Josh Boone loves Stephen King. In addition to giving the prolific horror author a small role in his first film, Stuck in Love, Boone has dedicated the past half decade to adapting King’s work. One of those adaptations, a film version of the novel Revival, didn’t come together. But the other, an adaptation of King’s massive The Stand, will be a 10-episode miniseries on CBS All Access.

We recently spoke to Boone about his upcoming X-Men film The New Mutants, but he also supplied us with updates on The Stand and told us what went down with Revival. Constant readers of King will be happy to know that Boone describes his touchstones for the Stand miniseries as being both Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone, a combination that, somehow, feels just about right.

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revival update

Mike Flanagan knows a thing or two about Stephen King adaptations. The filmmaker helmed both Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sleep, and now he’s gearing up for another: Revival. King’s revival, published in 2013, is a bleak, disturbing novel – and it sounds like Flanagan isn’t going to water things down. In a recent interview, Flanagan offered a quick update on the project and confirmed that it’s going to be just as dark as the source material.

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revival movie

Mike Flanagan already had a hand in two different, but excellent, Stephen King movies, and now he’s going for a hat trick. The Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sleep director is signed on to write and possibly direct Revival, based on King’s novel of the same name. Flanagan will once again work with longtime producer Trevor Macy, with the project set-up at Warner Bros.

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hannibal season 4

Like the rest of us Fannibals, Bryan Fuller is eager to bring Hannibal back from its watery grave.

The former Hannibal showrunner has confirmed that “conversations” have begun around reviving Hannibal for a potential fourth season after NBC canceled the series after its third season in 2015. While that’s exciting news for any cannibal serial killer lover, Fuller did caution fans that it could still be some time before the show returns.

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revival casts samuel l jackson

A few days ago, we learned that The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone was temporarily putting his adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Stand on the back burner so he could work on a completely different Stephen King adaptation that wouldn’t make a movie studio’s accounting department weep. His new project is a film version of Revival, King’s 2014 novel about a charismatic preacher who begins to experiment with the supernatural powers of electricity following the death of his family.

And now, it looks like we know who Boone is seeking out for the role of Charles Jacobs: the great Samuel L. Jackson, who is fresh off one of the best performances of his entire career in The Hateful Eight.

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the stand movie delayed

Hollywood has been flirting with a film adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Stand for years now, with A-list directors and actors constantly orbiting the project, only to drop out for reasons that are never fully disclosed. I’ll wager this reason: The Stand is a massive tome filled with so many important characters and so much incident that it that it feels borderline impossible to adapt properly. The not-very-good TV miniseries adaptation from 1994 had six hours and still couldn’t crack it.

And now, this long-gestating project has hit an interesting hiccup. The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone (who has been attached to this project for some time now) still plans to make The Stand, but he’s decided to put it on the back burner… while he directs a completely different Stephen King movie.

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