Harry Dean Stanton Dead

The beginning of the weekend brings sad news as veteran character actor Harry Dean Stanton died at age 91.

Harry Dean Stanton wasn’t a name that many audience members would know unless they were huge cinephiles, but he was a welcome presence in any film, often playing bit parts in various movies and TV shows over the years, effortlessly bringing them to life with his signature succinct charm. If you need a better idea of how great Stanton was at his job, film critic Roger Ebert once said, “No movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad.”

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Mondo Repo Man Criterion

Criteron fans who saw the artwork for this week’s release of Alex Cox‘s cult film Repo Man and thought, “That looks familiar” might have been 100% right. The work, commissioned by Criterion, was done by two of Mondo‘s familiar and talented artists: Jay Shaw and Tyler Stout. You can get the artwork on the Criterion release, out Tuesday, or as limited edition screenprints released by Mondo, also on Tuesday. Get the specifics below. Read More »


Our Cali pals at Freshjive sent over two shirts to /Film from their 2010 Spring Collection featuring stark, eye piercing portraits of Harry Dean Stanton and Dennis Hopper. Spring is in the air and we look forward to rocking the proverbial shit out of these $26 tees watching random airings of Meatballs—which sure, starred neither actor—with take-out margaritas and the windows open. Like all of Freshjive’s new product, the shirts are not branded and are available for purchase at their online storefront. Check out the Hopper shirt and more details after the jump. Also, we’d be remiss not to note that Stanton is scheduled to appear at the New Beverly in L.A. on March 28 for a screening of Repo Man.

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Last night at the Venice Film Festival, the spiritual sequel to writer/director Alex Cox‘s punk rock, sci-fi cult classic Repo Man, Repo Chick, premiered. Co-produced by David Lynch, the film has loomed with some hesitation in the minds of fans as an oddity, because it was shot almost entirely on green screen using RED cameras and an indie budget. After the jump, we’ll take a look at the first review by Variety, whose reviewer seemed surprised to like it as much as she did, if not as much as the original. I’ve also included photos and videos from the production, and I’ll update in the comments as more reviews come in…

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Cool Stuff: Alex Cox’s Book X Films

xfilms2If you are a young person who aspires to fire into the world of independent filmmaking, it’s fair to say that Alex Cox’s X Films is requisite reading alongside Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew. While Cox offers no tales herein comparable to selling blood and submitting to medical experiments for quick cash, his book is a similarly candid, casual film-by-film industry document of the nitty gritty American and international underground. And unlike Rodriguez’s famous book (published in 1996), X Films is written by a director whose fuck-Hollywood attitude hasn’t exactly curbed with time.

I read the book in full in three days—it’s super quick—and I was surprised by how humble and enlivened Cox’s voice remains, and by how vividly he remembers all of his productions. The chapter dedicated to the punk sci-fi classic, Repo Man, Cox’s debut studio feature that grows rawer over time like a nuclear sunburn, is my favorite. A few choice excerpts after the jump…

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Repo Man Sequel Starts Filming Next Month

Alex Cox‘s Repo Man sequel Repo Chick is finally going into production next month (January 2009). Production Weekly reports that David Lynch is producing the project.

The original 1984 film told the story of Otto, a newly hired repossession man who goes in search for a mysterious Malibu carrying a high value package which was taken from a government lab and has strange effects on anyone who views it.

Cox has previously said that the follow-up will “unfold against the background of the credit crunch and the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, where repossessions of homes, cars and other forms of property is at a new high. ‘The repo business has expanded to everything from boats, houses, aeroplanes, small nations…children”.

I have included the trailer for the original film below for your viewing pleasure.

[flv:http://bitcast-a.bitgravity.com/slashfilm/trailers/repoman.flv 400 300]

The First Slashfilm Muxtape!


With summer approaching and its plethora of open window/outdoor Net grazing, parties and, of course, blockbuster movies, we’ve decided to create a glorious soundtrack-themed Muxtape for our readership. All of the awesome songs streamed on the first Slashfilm Muxtape come from films we dig sans a certain mission statement from Patton Oswalt. I’ve arranged the Muxtape to go from enjoyably cheesy summer movie nostalgia explosion to Nextlevelsville. Hope you guys and gals like it, more Slashfilm movie anthems to come. And if you want even more jams, here’s my personal Muxtape page. Awww.


For the sake of archiving, we’ve included the first track-listing after the jump

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