Reebok Ghostbusters Shoes

If bustin’ makes you feel good, Reebok is about to make it feel that much better with sneakers inspired by Ghostbusters. Arriving just in time for Halloween, these two new pairs of Ghostbusters sneakers take cues from the classic uniforms worn by the boys in beige (even though Larry King calls them the boys in gray in the movie), as well as the the team’s signature vehicle, the Ecto-1. Find out when and where you can get the Reebok Ghostbusters shoes and how much they will cost you below. Read More »

Reebok Aliens Bug Stomper Shoes

If you liked the official Alien Stomper sneakers released by Reebok back in 2016. but you missed out on getting your hands on them, you might want to try again with an entirely new set of shoes inspired by Aliens, the 1986 blockbuster sequel to Alien.

For Alien Day this year, Reebok is releasing a “Bug Stomper’ variation on the sneaker that is decked out camouflage and colors worn by the United States Colonial Marines who are sent in to deal with the xenomorph invasion on LV-426 in Aliens. You’ll even notice a couple specific touches inspired by specific soldiers in the squad. Check out the Reebok Aliens Bug Stomper shoes below. Read More »