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Ray Fisher‘s battle with Warner Bros. over director Joss Whedon‘s alleged abuse on the set of Justice League reshoots has been well-documented over the last year. The clash has taken place over social media, in Warner Bros. boardrooms, and across the entertainment media, a back-and-forth that has been equally illuminating and frustratingly opaque.

But after months of Fisher only alluding to Whedon’s abusive behavior on-set, the Zack Snyder’s Justice League star is revealing the details in his first full sit-down interview with The Hollywood Reporter. And his account indicts not only Whedon, but DC producer Geoff Johns and several higher-ups at Warner Bros. and WarnerMedia whom he believes are not “fit for leadership.”

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zack snyder's justice league review

Is Zack Snyder’s Justice League a superhero movie disguised as a fantasy epic, or a fantasy flick cosplaying as a superhero saga? The answer seems to be somewhere in the middle. One thing is for certain: Zack Snyder was not trying to make just another comic book sequel when he set out to make Justice League. After leaving the project only to see so much of his work reshot by Joss Whedon, Snyder has returned to reassemble the movie he originally intended to make. The end result is more akin to The Lord of the Rings than Batman v Superman – a film about humans and fantastical creatures from various kingdoms joining forces to fight against an ancient, all-powerful evil that threatens to plunge the world into darkness.

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WandaVision - Kat Dennings Poster

Which Succession co-star is rumored to be joining the cast of Spider-Man 3? Is WandaVision hinting at the arrival of X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU? What does Jared Leto have to say about rumors that he sent Margot Robbie a dead rat while shooting Suicide Squad? Which Marvel character may also appear in Thor: Love & Thunder? What’s the meaning of hexagons in WandaVision? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Ray Fisher No Longer Playing Cyborg

Last week, rumors swirled that Justice League team member Cyborg had been written out of The Flash, which is currently in development at Warner Bros. Pictures. This supposedly came as a direct result of the controversy that has been brewing between co-star Ray Fisher and the studio in the wake of the actor’s allegations of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior from director Joss Whedon during reshoots on Justice League. Now, Ray Fisher has confirmed that he will not be playing Cyborg in The Flash. Read More »

Cyborg Movie

After a lengthy inquiry following Justice League actor Ray Fisher‘s allegations of on-set misconduct, WarnerMedia has concluded the investigation with “remedial action” taken. This brings an end to the five-month back-and-forth between the star and Warner Bros., after Fisher accused director Joss Whedon of on-set abuse. Read More »

Justice League Reshoots Footage Length

When news of Zack Snyder‘s cut of Justice League coming to HBO Max was first announced, it was said that the director wouldn’t be bringing back any cast members to shoot new scenes. But the streaming service changed their mind as we learned back in September that Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Ray Fisher would be coming back as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg to shoot footage for the director’s cut of the DC Comics superhero movie. That made us think the reshoots would be fairly substantial, but according to Zack Snyder himself, the reshoots will only add four minutes or five minutes of new footage. Read More »

zack snyder's Cyborg scenes

Actor Ray Fisher, who portrayed the character of Cyborg in Justice League, has a complicated relationship with that movie. The making of the film and some of the post-movie fallout were apparently particularly fraught for him, and now, in a new interview, Fisher says that only a single one of his scenes director Zack Snyder shot ended up making it into the theatrical cut of the movie. Read on to learn about which one of Zack Snyder’s Cyborg scenes appeared in the film.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron - Hulkbuster Concept Art

Want to go behind the scenes of Marvel’s Avengers? When will the second part of Lucifer‘s fifth season be available? Who does Christopher Nolan think should play Green Lantern? Want to see Marvel’s art tribute to Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman? Which Justice League star has come out in support of Ray Fisher? What other Marvel movies did Brie Larson audition for? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Justice League investigation

Strap in, folks, because in the words of The Dude from The Big Lebowski: “This is a very complicated case…lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous.”

Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in 2017’s Justice League, has spent this summer bringing forth allegations that there was a “toxic and abusive work environment on the set” of that film – specifically calling out Joss Whedon (who stepped in to direct reshoots after Zack Snyder left the production) and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. A few weeks ago, Warner Bros.’ parent company, WarnerMedia, launched a third party investigation into Fisher’s allegations.

Late Friday night, Warner Bros. released a statement accusing Fisher of not cooperating with that investigation and painting the actor in an unfavorable light. Well, if we’ve learned one thing over the past few months, it’s that Ray Fisher is not the type to take things lying down. So yesterday, he posted a 15-minute video response to this latest volley, saying, among many other things, “Shame on [WB] for doing that,” and explaining how their statement “backfired on them in a big way.” Get a recap of this situation and read Fisher’s response below. Read More »

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