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This Friday sees the release of Krampus, the second holiday-flavored horror movie from Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Dougherty. This film is part of a long cinematic tradition: Santa Claus isn’t what you think he is. That jolly, playful fellow who comes bearing toys for all the good little girls and boys? He’s not here now. Instead, how about a figure who has come bearing punishment for all of the bad children? And, you know, anyone else who gets in his way.

There have been a number of films about “evil” Santas over the years, ranging from versions who are just big jerks to guys who will split your head open with an axe. To celebrate this tradition, this rich, cinematic tapestry of red-suited, white-bearded menace, let’s take a quick tour through some of the more bizarre, brutal, and coal-hearted depictions of St. Nicholas.

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If you’re feeling a little Halloweened out today, maybe jump ahead a few months to Christmas. That holiday has a laundry list of films we traditionally watch and, last year, a new one fought its way onto the list: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. The Finnish film from director Jalmari Helander is about an archaeological dig that unearths the real Santa Claus. And Santa is not at all jolly. It’s now available on Blu-ray and DVD and we’re excited to debut some exclusive, original illustrations that were used in the film. Check them out after the jump. Read More »

Briefly: Director Jalmari Helander has been making waves with his Christmas horror tale Rare Exports, but now he promises something that might appeal to children of the ’80s. Speaking to Total Film the director said, “I’m writing at the moment… it will be a totally English language film with a big budget, an action movie. It’s something like Home Alone meets Rambo, it’s going to be a lot of fun.” So can we expect an adorable young child blowing away home invaders?

Asked to elaborate a bit, he says “I think it will be quite violent… like Home Alone with machine guns.” That’s all we’ve got right now, but with that idea as a hook I can imagine a few of you might want to know more. So we’ll provide more news as soon as possible.

Quite a few new posters hit at the end of the week, in part because of the ongoing American Film Market, and in part due to the ramp-up of promotion for films like Tron. And Tron Legacy is our first stop, as the poster triptych centered around an homage to the original film’s one-sheet is now complete. Along with that we’ve got some pulpy images for the evil Santa movie Rare Exports, and old-school lobby cards and a poster for Hobo With a Shotgun. Read More »

It’s only day two of Fantastic Fest, and I’m already falling behind (which might have more to do with being at the tail end of a 30 day film festival trip than anything else).

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Movie Trailer: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale


This is the sort of demented horror brilliance that could only hail from Europe.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, a Finnish film from director Jalmari Helander, presents its own warped take on the jolly Christmas saint. In this version, Santa Claus isn’t so nice. Hell, he’s downright nasty—and he means business. Read More »