‘Ramy’ Season 3 is Officially Coming to Hulu

Ramy season 3

Ramy will be back for more.

Hulu has officially renewed the streaming service’s original comedy/drama Ramy for a third season. The show, which was co-created by and stars Egyptian-American actor and comedian Ramy Youssef, just wrapped up its second season. Read More »

The Boys Season 1 Bloopers Reel

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In this edition, watch lines get flubbed in The Boys season 1 bloopers reel, featuring cast members like Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and more. Plus, enjoy the Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular from Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park to make up for the fact that a lot of big fireworks shows were canceled this year. And finally, watch The Hollywood Reporter’s comedy actors roundtable with hopeful Emmy contenders like Kumail Nanjiani, Kenan Thompson,and more. Read More »

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The Series: Ramy

Where You Can Stream It: Hulu

The Pitch: Ramy Hassan (creator and Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef) is like every other struggling millennial stuck living with his parents in a New Jersey suburb. He’s working a job at a tech start-up that will totally take off any moment, he just wants to date and go to parties every Friday night, and his hitched friends and family keep asking him about when he’ll get married. But he’s also a devout Muslim trying to figure out the balance between spiritual fulfillment and getting laid. But as Ramy learns through the funny, irreverent, and refreshingly authentic Hulu comedy series, there is no easy answer.

Why It’s Essential Quarantine Viewing: In the post-Master of None era, there seemed to be few shows that could just as perfectly capture that displaced immigrant millennial experience. Or there were just too many Girls knock-offs that try and fail to become the next irreverent generational comedy, that you become wary of picking up yet another show about a sardonic 20-something who is feeling a little lost in life. So Ramy came and went last year, passing under almost everyone’s radar until star and creator Youssef unexpectedly won the Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy. One of Hulu’s most underrated gems, Ramy is a sharply written and refreshing millennial comedy that is one of the rare shows to sincerely delve into how faith and spirituality can influence a young person living in an increasingly shallow world. Also, it’s funny as heck.

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ramy season 2 trailer

Ramy is one of Hulu’s great underrated shows — a deviously funny, profoundly affecting drama about a first-generation Egyptian-American grappling with his relationship with his Islamic religion and his family, all while trying to get laid. Created, written, and produced by star Ramy YoussefRamy got some deserved critical attention leading to a Golden Globe win for Yousseff, but it remains criminally underwatched. Perhaps a new guest star in the form of Hollywood’s favorite mentor figure Mahershala Ali could bring some more viewers to Ramy. Watch the Ramy season 2 trailer below.

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ramy trailer

“What are your goals for this life?” It’s a heavy question that comes at the end of the Ramy trailer, and it’s greeted with an amusing answer – something that seems to reflect this series as a whole. Ramy is a new comedy series from Hulu and A24 about a first generation Egyptian-American in the midst of a spiritual journey, and it looks wonderful. Watch the Ramy trailer below.

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