Last Black Widow Trailer

It’s been a long time coming, but Black Widow is one month away from hitting theaters. Marvel Studios will also be sending the movie to Disney+ as a Premier Access release in order to maximize the reach of the comic book sequel/prequel. In order to make sure audiences don’t forget that the summer blockbuster is about to return in a big way, Marvel has released one more look at the upcoming movie, including new footage of Natasha Romanoff’s makeshift assassin family she had before she joined the Avengers. Read More »

black widow character posters

It seems like Black Widow has been on the verge of coming out for years now, but we’re finally in the final months before the long-awaited Scarlett Johansson-led Marvel movie hits theaters. Which means Marvel is ramping up its marketing campaign (again) and giving us a brand new set of character posters. See the new Black Widow character posters below.

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Black Widow Trailer

By the time Marvel’s Black Widow arrives, it will have been over a year since it was supposed to hit theaters. So we have some catching up to do with Scarlett Johansson as the assassin-turned-Avenger known as Black Widow in her own movie.

In a new Black Widow trailer, it’s clear Marvel is going back to the beginning of Nathasha Romanoff’s life by introducing us to her family. Well, it’s not her real family, but it’s all she’s got, including an adoptive sister named Yelena (Florence Pugh) and two trained assassins (David Harbour and Rachel Weisz) as their makeshift parents. Watch below. Read More »

dead ringers tv series

Dead Ringers, the David Cronenberg movie about the downfall of a pair of morally ambiguous twin gynecologists, is getting a TV series remake over at Amazon. To keep things fresh, the gender of the lead characters will be flipped, with Rachel Weisz set to pull double-duty as the Mantle twins. Jeremy Irons played the twins in the film, and earned rave reviews in the process.

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Although only 15 years old, Constantine is already aging well. The adaptation of the Hellblazer comic continues to find more fans and doesn’t date in the special effects department like so many early and mid-2000s movies already have. There’s no hard rock, pop culture references, or even outdated tech that could age the movie. Director Francis Lawrence created a world of his own in his noir-ish, sometimes hellish vision of Los Angeles.

When Constantine was released in 2005, it wasn’t as well-regard as it is today. Perhaps after years of watching frequently interchangeable comic book movies, Lawrence’s idiosyncratic addition to the genre plays better today. Whatever the reason, Lawrence is pleased Constantine continues to entertain, especially after a slightly disappointing box-office performance and lukewarm reception from critics.

Before directing Constantine, Lawrence was an in-demand music video director. He helmed music videos for Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and even his I Am Legend star, Will Smith. The list is long. Initially, Keanu Reeves wasn’t interested in a music video director making Constantine, which is one of the many stories Lawrence told us when looking back at his directorial debut (now celebrating its 15th anniversary).

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Black Widow Trailer

Natasha Romanoff may have sacrificed herself for the greater good in Avengers: Endgame, but that’s not stopping Black Widow from finally getting her own movie. And neither is coronavirus.

Black Widow is still slated for release in May (for now), and Marvel Studios just released the final trailer that reveals so much more about the movie taking place after the events of Captain America: Civil War, but before Avengers: Infinity War. A villain calling himself Taskmaster has taken over the assassin group known as the Red Room, the organization which turned Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) into a weapon. We’re not sure what his plan is exactly, but it likely has something to do with toppling governments and taking over the world. Standard villain stuff. Watch the new Black Widow trailer below. Read More »

Black Widow Super Bowl Spot

Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself in Avengers: Endgame to bring back everyone that Thanos snapped away in Avengers: Infinity War. But there’s more to the former SHIELD agent’s story in between the events of Captain America: Civil War and the villainy of Thanos, and we’ll see it unfold in Black Widow. Natasha reunites with the deadly makeshift family she had before falling in with The Avengers, and there’s likely betrayal and danger in her future (or rather her past). Watch the Black Widow Super Bowl spot for more. Read More »

Black Widow Featurette

Ever since Black Widow debuted in Iron Man 2 back in 2010, fans have wanted to see the SHIELD agents and assassin go solo with a movie of her own. Now, 10 years later, the newly double-Oscar nominated Scarlett Johansson finally gets to dig into the character who has been an integral part of The Avengers. A new featurette goes behind the scenes of Black Widow and recalls the legacy of the character, who looks significantly different from her debut a decade ago. Watch below. Read More »

multiple black widows

Scarlett Johansson will be back as Black Widow in the Black Widow movie – but she’s not going to be the only person to use that codename. It sounds like there are in fact multiple Black Widows. According to co-star Rachel Weisz, she and fellow co-star Florence Pugh are also Black Widows. And there are even more we’re not aware of yet.

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Black Widow Cast Rachel Weisz

Marvel’s Black Widow movie is slowly coming together. After promising to make the standalone film for years, Marvel Studios is forging ahead, picking up exciting cast members as they go. The latest: Rachel Weisz, who is good in just about everything, and Stranger Things and Hellboy actor David Harbour, will now both appear alongside mainstay player Scarlett Johansson and recent cast addition Florence Pugh.

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