Okay, Sarah Polley and Anton Yelchin are only kids in the sense that, heck, I’m an old man but I’ll stick by that ‘cool’ label. They’ve each just been cast in an interesting upcoming project – Yelchin in Jodie Foster’s The Beaver, Polley in Mika Kaurismaki’s Queen Kristina.

The screenplay for The Beaver is absolutely fantastic and, I’m pretty convinced, going to make for a really great film that should easily outpace the rest of Ms. Foster’s directorial oeuvre. I reported on it last when Jim Carrey was eying the lead role, but since then Peter got to tell us that Mel Gibson was taking the part. That’s right – Jim Carrey out, Mel Gibson in. Not quite as extreme a change as when Eddie Murphy replaced Sylvester Stallone in Beverly Hills Cop, but still a bit of a jump.

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