Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect

After putting in her time with the Barden Bellas, Rebel Wilson will be reporting for duty to the the U.S. military. The Aussie actress is attached to star in Private Benjamin, New Line’s remake of the 1980 comedy starring Goldie Hawn. Hit the jump for more details on the new version.

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Anna Faris Cast in Private Benjamin Remake


Big week for Anna Faris. We’ve just been covering What’s Your Number?, an R-rated comedy starring the actress, and now she’s tapped, more or less, as the new Goldie Hawn. Faris will star in the remake of Private Benjamin, in which a spoiled woman joins the Army after her husband dies on their wedding night. Big difference between the original film and the remake, though: in 1980, when Private Benjamin was originally made, we weren’t at war. Joining the Army meant a slightly different set of possible futures. What will the Faris version use as the basis for both reality and comedy? Read More »