Prima Cinema

Hollywood and the movie theaters have finally figured out a system they agree on to screen first run movies in your house. It costs $35,000 for the hardware and a $500 per rental.

A company called PRIMA Cinema has created a system that allows people to watch movies opening in theaters in their homes. The $35,000 hardware includes multiple failsafes to ensure the film looks and sounds great. It also includes a separate biometric security system so only the person who is authorized to watch the movie is watching the movie. After that, each rental is $500 but you are required to pre buy 10 movies at the start, so the whole system costs $40,000. Read More »

Home digital delivery systems have been the talk of the town recently. Time Warner recently announced that it will be launching a premium VOD next summer, allowing consumers to view movies at home while they are still out in theaters (probably a month or two after initial release). The cost of this service was supposed to be roughly $20-30 per film, more than a movie ticket but a fair premium to pay for getting a first-run movie beamed to your living room.

Now, a new service launching in 2011 aims to put movies into your home the same day that they’re released in theaters. The only catch? The digital-delivery system costs $20,000. Don’t worry though, that’s only a one-time fee. The fee per film is just a measly $500 on top of the $20,000. So is there a market for ultra-rich cinephiles?
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