2-Minute Sneak Peek at Predators

Robert Rodriguez premiered footage from Nimród Antal‘s Predators at SXSW on Friday, and Fox has put the put the 2-minute sneak preview online. Watch it now on the official Predators movie website, or embedded after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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The film and media portion of South by Southwest (SXSW) kicks off in Austin next week, and two films have just been added to the lineup. Austin’s own Robert Rodriguez will screen footage from Predators, and Gela Babluani‘s 13, a remake of his own 13 Tzameti, will screen as part of the festival’s SX Fantastic midnight program. Read More »

Composer John Debney To Score Predators


Composer John Debney will be composing an original score for the Robert Rodriguez-produced, Nimrod Antal-directed sequel/reboot Predators. Not a hugely surprising choice as Debney has worked with Rodriguez many times in the past, including Sin City, The Adventures of Shark-Boy and Lava-Girl, and the Spy Kids films. Debney got his big break with the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus, and has worked mostly on comedies and family films. He composed additional music for the Spider-Man sequels, and is currently working on Iron Man 2.

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There’s been a deluge of behind-the-scenes Predators images arrive online today, first surfacing at the AVP Galaxy Forum. I suppose they contain moderately serious spoiler material, so click on with due caution. I’ve put my selection below the break here, but there’s even more on the forum.

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Laurence Fishburne Joins Predators

Laurence Fishburne

Collider has learned that Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) has joined the cast of Nimrod Antal‘s Predators, which is now shooting in Austin Texas at Robert Rodriguez‘s Troublemaker Studios. Fishburne will play a character named Noland, and that is all we know at this time.

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Predators Director Defends Adrien Brody Casting


There was a lot of speculation about who would be cast as the lead in Predators, the Robert Rodriguez-produced, Nimród Antal-directed follow up to the classic John McTiernan / Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick Predator. (Do I really have to spell all that out? Probably not.) When Adrien Brody was announced, more than a few people (including me) went, ‘huh?’ Now, for the first time since the project began, Antal is talking about the film and his casting choices. Read More »


Well, I definitely didn’t see this coming. Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal have cast Adrien Brody in one of the lead roles for Predators. We also now know a few more minor members of the cast for the upcoming visit to the Predator planet, and there’s a last-minute report that Topher Grace is negotiating to join the cast, too. Read More »


It’s Monday morning, so the casting news is just starting for the week, but we’ve already got brief tidbits about a couple of marriages between talent and movies that you may (or may not) be excited to see.

Since he made Taken into a genuine hit, Liam Neeson has owned more cred than ever. But is he enough to get you into the seat for a Paul Haggis movie? The writer/director’s The Next Three Days, a remake of a French film, could be interesting. It has a husband (Russell Crowe) looking to break his wrongly imprisoned wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of jail. At least, she says she’s wrongly imprisoned. Now Liam Neeson will cameo as a guy who has escaped from prison a few times and advises Crowe’s character on his options. [THR]

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News arrived over the weekend that Machete himself, Danny Trejo, had joined the cast of Predators, the sci-fi revamp that Robert Rodriguez has been given creative carte blanche to make in hopes of a blockbuster. Well, our pals at Latino Review have read the script by Michael Finch, Alex Litvak, and RR and they declare it, “a 90-page kick-ass sci-fi movie worthy of the original. The script isn’t some lame PG-13 follow-up. It’s a bloody, violent hard-R script.” The script features a multi-culti, motley crew of criminals, “Predator hunting dogs,” and “Predator falcons,” the latter two of which remind me of the Avatar trailer. Spoilerish details to follow…

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Danny Trejo Cast in Predators


Firm details on producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal‘s Predators are pretty thin on the ground. We know that Alex Litvak has been writing the script and that much of the film is going to be shot on Rodriguez’ Troublemaker lot with some location shooting likely to take place in Hawaii, but besides the much discussed and seemingly impossible cameo role from Arnold Schwarzenegger there hasn’t even been much talk of any possible cast members. Who will be making up the human contingent, the team of commandos facing off against a whole heap of crab-faced Predators? The first name has been revealed, and it’s not a surprisingly a member of the Rodriguez rep company, none other than Machete himself, Danny Trejo.

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