Variety has an interesting article on the scheduling of the upcoming summer tentpoles for the next three years. The article claims that Sony Pictures will announce a Summer 2010 release date for the 23rd James Bond film. The next Bond film, tentatively titled Bond 22, will go into production later this year aiming for a November 7th 2008 release.

The article also says that Sony will nab a Summer 2009 release date for Green Hornet. And 2010 is starting to look a lot like this Summer: very crowded. Potentially Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Spider-Man 4, Shrek 4, and Harry Potter 7 could be just some of the big blockbuster movies filling the slate.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Last time we told you that Disney was considering a spin-off for Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Today Cinemablend confirms our previous reports. Their scooper claims:

“the ending of Pirates 3, the fountain of youth story might not be the only story they might used the next pirate’s film. The fountain story could used in another form to introduce the story for Pirates 4… the next film might be a departure from the same formula of the last three movies as well, meaning that Jerry Bruckheimer could be planning to enter the realm of Science Fiction this time around and it could be the heart of a new trilogy with Jack Sparrow and his crew of misfits. Some of the brainstorming going around involves some Jules Verne type of scenarios involving some pretty big flying machines, a man who wants to rule more than just the ocean, a encounter with the most famous and dangerous pirate of all, a race to get to a lost world (Hint, Hint) and Jack and his crew going to where no pirate has gone before (No, its not space but Disney had made animated movie about this place before with Michel J Fox voicing one of the characters).”

I wonder how credible CB’s source could be if he can’t even spell Michael J. Fox’s name right. Anyway, let’s pretend that he has some inside information. What is the Disney flick the scooper alludes to? Atlantis: The Lost Empire. That’s right, Captain Jack could be in search for the lost world of Atlantis. Although, I’m not sure about the whole “big flying machines” idea. One thing is for sure, any storyline involving Depp’s Captain Jack will immediately capture my interest.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Update: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to Follow Captain Jack’s Search For Atlantis?

Despite not breaking Spidey’s record and some questionable accounting, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is another blockbuster success. And while the creative people involved have said that it is the last film in the trilogy, which might spin-off into future films (one of which is hinted in the last act of the film), nothing is guaranteed. Johnny Depp has said he would be game (but really, who could turn down a $40-50 million payday?), and the screenwriters have expressed interest. But now producer Jerry Bruckheimer is expressing some doubt about continuing the franchise.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Might Be a Spin-Off

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Might be a Spin-Off

Update [5/30/07]: Will Disney Greenlight Pirates of the Caribbean 4: The Fountain of Youth?

Update [6/20/07]: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to Follow Captain Jack’s Search For Atlantis?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is inevitable. The question is how soon, and who will be involved. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer told The Herald Sun that a fourth Pirates film might be a spin-off.

“This is the end [of the current trilogy], but whether one of the characters or a couple of the characters continue on, it’s a possibility. Certainly, in a moment at the end of the film there is a hope that something else might happen.”

But does anyone want to watch a Pirates of the Caribbean film without Johnny? And would anyone really be interested in watching a movie which follows Will Turner or Elizabeth Swann? Fear not, I’ve heard recently that Johnny Depp is interested in doing a sequel. So this might just be a false alarm.

Update: Will Disney Greenlight Pirates of the Caribbean 4: The Fountain of Youth?

Update [6/20/07]: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to Follow Captain Jack’s Search For Atlantis?


Johnny Depp has told Disney that he would be willing to return for a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean, but now word comes that director Gore Verbinski (who helmed the three previous films) is uninterested in helming the project.

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Pirates 3

Pirates of the Caribbean series screenwriter Terry Rossio admits that a fourth film may be in the works, like it or not.
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