The Pool review

The Pool is a pro-life crocodile attack flick set in a drained Olympic-sized swimming pool that is incredibly mean-spirited towards its main character, improbably audacious…and sponsored by Pizza Hut? Ping Lumpraploeng’s Thai creature feature is cheesily melodramatic and has it out for the few characters on screen with such meanness, which ensures a cackle-worthy “WTF” brand of riotous watching experience. Cultural nuances shape a comically overdramatic “monster” movie of questionable circumstances, always sold with the proper level of head-scratching entertainment. It’s “a lot” in all the weirdest, most unexpected ways.

Oh, also, any dog and animal lovers should be warned: The Pool will tear your heart out, stomp it into mush, and stuff the gunk back down your throat. Read More »