Outside of Europe, Lars Von Trier got all the attention for Dogme 95, the film ‘movement’ that set down a set of naturalistic rules for directors. But the co-creator of Dogme 95 and director of the first film made under the resulting manifesto was Thomas Vinterberg. His film Festen (The Celebration) is a low-key tour de force, a portrait of family breakdown that toes a nearly undefinable line between satire and tragedy. It instantly established Vinterberg as a talent to watch.

Sadly, Vinterberg’s later films haven’t hit the same high. It’s All About Love is vaguely like a more arthouse version of Southland Tales, while Dear Wendy only seemed to anger audiences. (I think I’m one of the few people who liked it at all.)

But I remain optimistic for each new film from Vinterberg. So here’s the trailer for his latest, Submarino, which premieres at the Berlin Film Festival. Read More »