I’m not sure who decreed that 2011 be the year of the R-rated-comedy-starring-Jason-Sudeikis, but here we are with a trailer for the third such project this year. A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy stars the SNL vet as Eric, a frat boy-ish 30something who lives to throw over-the-top parties at his dad’s Hamptons home. When Eric’s dad decides to sell the house, Eric decides he has to do something truly special for his last big blowout. (You can probably guess from the title what theme he eventually settles on.)

Leslie Bibb, Lake Bell, Michelle Borth, Nick Kroll, Tyler Labine, Angela Sarafyan, Lindsay Sloane, Martin Starr, Lucy Punch, and Will Forte co-star. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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A dirty old man once said, “There are friends who have, friends who haven’t and friends who lie either way,” and Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte (above) and Leslie Bibb will star as the former partakers in the comedy A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. In the battle of marquee titles befitting antiseptic Spencer’s Gifts boardgames, I’d say this one gets grandma’s attention faster than Zack and Miri Make a Porno, what about you?

Sudeikis (The Rocker, 30 Rock) will play an Apatowian-sounding manchild who has to move out of his parents’ Hamptons vacation home. Enter movie announcer guy: “…so he decided to go out with a bang!” and throw an orgy party. Wonder if Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty will cameo. You’re welcome.

Writers Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck (King of the Hill, Letterman) will make their directorial debut for Endgame Entertainment.

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