Betaal trailer

If you’ve been hungry for some fresh zombie-related entertainment, Netflix is here to help satisfy your craving with Betaal, an Indian horror thriller series from Blumhouse Television. Check out the new trailer below, which features a squad of police officers unwittingly releasing a horde of blood-thirsty zombie redcoats. Read More »

ghoul trailer

Netflix’s first foray into Indian horror looks eerie as hell. The streaming service has been expanding its foreign-language catalogue exponentially, and its partnerships with Indian production companies have borne everything from charming romantic-comedies to anthology films to its buzzy thriller series, Sacred Games.

For Ghoul, Netflix’s first Indian horror series, the streaming giant has its most exciting partnership yet. Co-produced by Blumhouse, the illustrious studio behind Get Out and The Purges series, and celebrated Indian producer Anurag KashyapGhoul is a unique cross-cultural melting pot. And now the first Ghoul trailer has been released.

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