live-action tintin movie

Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin is a rollicking animated adventure that’s cut from the same cloth as the Indiana Jones series. Spielberg’s Tintin made good money, and for years now, the plan has been for Peter Jackson to direct a sequel. Spielberg and Jackson have sworn up and down that the sequel was coming, no, really, it is – but there has been almost no real movement on the project. And now, Spielberg and Jackson might want to start getting their act together, because it looks like someone wants to swoop in and make their own Tintin film. French director Patrice Leconte says he’s developing a live-action Tintin movie, and is said to be far along in the development process. However, there’s a catch: he doesn’t seem to have the film rights to the character just yet.

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A Promise

It’s not unheard of for fantasy geeks to debate the merits of Diagon Alley versus King’s Landing, Hermione Granger versus Daenerys Targaryen. But French filmmaker Patrice Leconte may be the first to wonder whether Severus Snape or Robb Stark would emerge triumphant in a battle for the heart of Iron Man 3 star Rebecca Hall.

Okay, so that probably wasn’t really Leconte’s aim in making the pre-WWI romance A Promise. But it’s more fun if you imagine it was. Alan Rickman plays a successful factory owner, whose health problems force him to increasingly rely on his assistant (Richard Madden). Meanwhile, said protege is falling for the older man’s wife, played by Hall. Watch the first trailer after the jump.

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