So there’s a lot of speculation about what Ryan Reynolds will be like in Green Lantern. And while it likely won’t give you much of an idea, you can have some fun seeing him as a much goofier superhero in the trailer for Paper Man. Here, Reynolds isn’t even real; he’s the imaginary creation of a failed novelist (Jeff Daniels) who strikes up a friendship with a 17-year old girl, played by Emma Stone. Most of you will get a kick out of Reynolds as he appears here; even in bleach-blond goofball mode, he manages to look heroic. Read More »


Indiewire report that Michelle and Kieran Mulroney‘s Paper Man will be receiving the opening night Gala screening of the LA Film Festival. The Mulroneys, in case you had forgotten, were the screenwriters behind the JLA film, Justice League: Mortal. This film, their directorial debut, happens to be a kind of superhero movie too. In the picture at the head of this post you can see Ryan Reynolds as Captain Excellent, alonsgide Jeff Daniels as Richard Dunn, the writer who created him. The film also stars Emma Stone and Lisa Kudrow.

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