The Addams Family

Here’s some appropriately gothic news for Halloween: MGM is working on another reboot of The Addams Family, this time as an animated feature. That might sound like old news to those who recall that Tim Burton was working on a stop-motion animated version a few years back, but in fact, this is a new incarnation altogether. Hit the jump to find out what we can expect from this latest take.

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Ridley Scott’s Monopoly Movie Premise Revealed


I thought I knew how a Monopoly movie could work, even what a Ridley Scott Monopoly movie would look like, but I didn’t expect anything like this. I’ll let Frank Beddor, the man behind the movie’s concept, lay it all out for you:

[H]e’s in this very vibrant place, Monopoly City, and he’s just come out of a Chance Shop. As it goes on, he takes on the evil Parker Brothers in the game of Monolopy. He has to defeat them. It tries to incorporate all the iconic imageries – a sports car pulls up, there’s someone on a  horse, someone pushing a wheelbarrow – and rich Uncle Pennybags, you’re going to see him as the maître d’ at the restaurant and he’s the buggy driver and the local eccentric and the doorman at the opera. There’s all these sight gags.

Er… okay. So it’s like Zathura or Jumanji then? Not what I had in mind. After the break, who this “he” is, and how he will get himself into this surrealist scrape in the first place.

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Worst Idea Ever: Ridley Scott is Directing Monopoly

I’ve decided to make “Worst Idea Ever” a regular feature since it appears that the Hollywood movie studios are in a never-ending race to see who can greenlight the worst of the worst ideas.

Ridley Scott is now OFFICIALLY attached to direct a big screen movie based on Hasbro’s popular board game Monopoly. Corpse Bride/Monster House scribe Pamela Pettler has been hired to write the script. Scott had been developing the project with plans to produce since June 2007.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Scott plans to give the film “a futuristic sheen along the lines of his iconic Blade Runner,” but back in August 2007 Scott told the LA Times that it “ought to be humorous and for the family”. Scott explained that the humor will come out of the drastic changes in economic class, “particularly when your uncle suddenly gets [Park Place]” … “You watch people change. You’re witness to Jekyll and Hyde. Somewhere in that is a hysterically amusing and I think rather exciting film.”

I know that Scott’s recent filmography hasn’t been “amazing” (American Gangster is overrated), but this is the guy who directed Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator. What is a guy of that caliber doing directing a family comedy based on a board game? Seriously!

The answer is: GI Jane. Some of you might not remember, but Ridley Scott was also behind the atrocity that was GI Jane. I’m sure that Monopoly movie will be Scott’s huge clunker of this decade.