Jason Reitman Reviews Celebrity Porn

Pam & Tommy, One Night in Paris, even Colin Farrell, Director Jason Retiman (Juno, Thank You For Smoking) reviews the blockbuster titles of celebrity porno in his latest blog entry. Reitman wonders why celebrity porn is considered kosher when most other porn is considered taboo.

“When it first came out, I made a copy of the Pam & Tommy tape for my then-girlfriend’s father. The first time I saw the Paris video was at a friend’s house in the company of a dozen people. My wife got a copy of the Colin Ferrell video via e-mail from a casual acquaintance. Why is this? Does the celebrity-factor legitimize it? Either way, I feel enough people have seen one or all of these films that they deserve proper critical analysis into their craft, tone, and artistic value as cinema.”

Reitman compares the Pam Anderson sex tape to a Michael Winterbottom film, Collin Farrell’s sex video to Big Trouble in Little China (because it “falls into the “so bad it’s good” category”), and One Night in Paris to the Blair Witch Project (a very apt comparison). Jason calls the Paris tape the most depressing pornographic film ever shot, calling Hilton a “girl so desperate for love that she allowed a dreg of a human being to video tape her as she felates him.”

Reitman on “One Night in Paris”:
“The camera work is steady. The visual ideas are concrete, clear and imaginative. The sense of voyeurism is very real. Take away the night vision that many criticize as “gimmicky” and you still truly feel like a fly on the wall of their hotel room.” “It’s the kind of sex you would imagine in a perfume ad.”

Reitman on the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee Sex Video: “Truffaut. Godard. Neo-Realism. Whimsy. Joy. A sense of magic.” “The previous films are about an act. The Pam & Tommy tape is about love”

Reitman on Colin Farrell’s Sex tape: “Some people shouldn’t improvise and it seems Mr. Ferrell falls into this category. Seriously, who says that? It’s just crass, awful, and worst of all… hideously performed. I didn’t believe him for a second. Every moment of this film seemed performed. Sexual positions seemed outside the realm of passion and simply there to fulfill camera angles. It was shockingly similar to normal porn without any of the ingenuity of someone like Ferrell who has shared the set with guys like Janusz Kaminski and Emmanuel Lubezki.”

You can read Reitman’s full Blog entry on FoxSearchlight.com.