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In this edition, take a look at the visual effects in Netflix’s new sci-fi action movie Outside the Wire starring Anthony Mackie. Plus, examine the cinematography of Genndy Tartakovsky across Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, The Clone Wars, Primal and more. And finally, try out a Cobra Kai workout led by Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks, who is apparently still around. Read More »

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Android Anthony Mackie is ready to kick some ass in the latest trailer for Outside the Wire. The Netflix action flick is set in the future (naturally) and follows a drone pilot (Damson Idris) who teams up with Mackie’s android soldier to help locate a doomsday device. Because that’s pretty much how action movies work now – characters have to find some sort of destructive device, and usually, that device has some sort of beam of blue light shooting out of the sky. You know the drill. Watch the Outside the Wire trailer below.

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outside the wire trailer

After The Old Guard and Extraction, it looks like Netflix has found a formula for their action titles: some sort of outsider gets mixed up with someone who is seemingly indestructible and there are lots of quick cuts to make all the fighting and explosions kind of confusing. The latest entry is Outside the Wire, a new movie from director Mikael Håfström that finds Anthony Mackie playing an android. Watch the trailer below.

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outside the wire

Anthony Mackie is sticking with Netflix. The actor can currently be seen in the new season of Black Mirror, his sci-fi feature IO landed earlier this year, and he’ll also appear in Joe Lynch’s Point Blank remake for the streaming service, and the upcoming second season of Altered Carbon. Now he’s adding yet another Netflix title: Outside the Wire, a sci-fi action film from director Mikael Håfström (1408). Mackie will play a drone pilot trying to locate a doomsday device. Mackie will also produce the film. More on Outside the Wire below.

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