In recent years it’s become pretty common for filmmakers to put together proof-of-concept trailers to give studio executives a visual aid for pitches. Sometimes they are edited together from a mash-up of existing movies (which is very time consuming), and other times they involve the filmmakers spending their own money and time to shoot it on spec for real (which is more costly). We’ve featured some of these on /Film in the past, including Kevin Tancharoen‘s pitch trailer for The Hunger Games.

While this is a common practice in the realm of film, its isn’t done too often in the world of television. Networks usually spend millions of dollars to cast and create pilot episodes, most of which are never aired to the public. So what you’re about to see after the jump is unique, a proof-of-concept pitch trailer for a television series that doesn’t yet exist.

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You might remember 28-year old Vancouver filmmaker Zach Lipovsky as the visual effects maven on Steven Spielberg’s 2007 Fox reality TV series On The Lot. Lipovsky just got finished filming a television movie for Syfy called Tasmanian Devils starring Danica McKellar (yes, Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years) and just produced (with Chris Ferguson) the found footage action thriller Ends of the Earth which sold for big money to CBS Films. He’s working with Blindness/Hobo with a Shotgun producer Niv Fichman to make his theatrical feature debut Dogs of War, a heavily-stylized action fantasy retelling (think 300) of the War of 1812 about “Canadian fighters clearing a path for the British army to invade Washington and burn down the White House.”

If all of that wasn’t enough, he’s inventing new applications to revolutionize the process of working on a film set. When does this guy find the time to rest? We don’t really cover the backend process of filmmaking as much as I would like to, but having directed a feature film myself years and years ago, I see the huge value in a program like Shot Lister.

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On The Lot

I think I’m one of the only people still watching Fox’s filmmaking reality show On The Lot. And I’m not quite sure why I’m still watching, they’ve done everything they can to make it an unenjoyable experience. And last week the Marty Martin, the most gifted filmmaker of the bunch was voted off because the public thought he was arrogant. Imagine if Hollywood kicked out all arrogant directors… We’d have no Star Wars or Godfather films.

Reality TV Magazine are reporting that “Mean Girls” director Mark Waters and “Hostel Part II” director Eli Roth will serve as the next two guest judges alongside regulars Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall. Waters will be on tonight judging six comedy films, and Roth will guest next week to judge six horror films. I’m wondering if any of the remaining filmmakers will include torture porn in their short film to get on Roth’s good side?

On The Lot Judges Announced

On The Lot

I’m not really a reality television guy. I despise American Idol. I like documentaries. I even liked the Real World way back before it became a complete farce. But I loved Project Greenlight, but all great shows get canceled. Thankfully the new Steven Spielberg reality is premiering on May 22nd. Fox has finally sent out a press release announcing the judges. I wish Spielberg would step up and be a judge, but apparently he wants to remain in the background. I’m very excited about this one, even if Bret Ratner is somehow involved. Check out the full press release after the jump.

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Patrick Dempsey will star in the romantic comedy Made of Honor, for the British director behind Mr. Bean and City Slickers II, Paul Weiland. Written by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont (Can’t Hardy Wait, A Very Brady Sequel) the story follows Tom Bailey (Dempsey), who is in love with his best friend Claire, but is unwilling to admit it. When a rich Scotsman sweeps Claire off her feet and proposes, he’s chosen to be her Maid Of Honor. Sounds like it might be funny. Dempsey started his career by looking pretty,

Floor and desk advertisements for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have started to appear in bookstores.

IGN has a look at The Hoax Movie Poster. Blah!

Steven Spielberg’s filmmaking reality television show On The Lot will premiere May 16th 2007 on Fox.

IFC Films will start selling movies on iTunes for $9.99.

Looks like someone forgot to re-register DonnieDarko.com. That sucks. But most of that material fell into the sucky directors cut, so maybe they felt the online experience was no longer needed?

If you’re in San Francisco on Sunday, why not crash an Oscar Party?
The Hollywood Reporter: “The high risk of a “real or de facto” strike by Hollywood unions means film industry employment could drop substantially in 2008, according to a new forecast by a regional economic group.” No duh. That’s like saying ‘If the Police cracked down on the hotels in California for hiring mexican workers, the hotel industry would lose a lot of workers.’