You might remember 28-year old Vancouver filmmaker Zach Lipovsky as the visual effects maven on Steven Spielberg’s 2007 Fox reality TV series On The Lot. Lipovsky just got finished filming a television movie for Syfy called Tasmanian Devils starring Danica McKellar (yes, Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years) and just produced (with Chris Ferguson) the found footage action thriller Ends of the Earth which sold for big money to CBS Films. He’s working with Blindness/Hobo with a Shotgun producer Niv Fichman to make his theatrical feature debut Dogs of War, a heavily-stylized action fantasy retelling (think 300) of the War of 1812 about “Canadian fighters clearing a path for the British army to invade Washington and burn down the White House.”

If all of that wasn’t enough, he’s inventing new applications to revolutionize the process of working on a film set. When does this guy find the time to rest? We don’t really cover the backend process of filmmaking as much as I would like to, but having directed a feature film myself years and years ago, I see the huge value in a program like Shot Lister.

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