Project X

For a while now we’ve been hearing about Todd Phillips and Joel Silver‘s super secret low-budget, hard-R comedy movie which is being referred to as Project X. The project is set-up at Warner Bros with a $12 million budget. Phillips is working as ‘producer and creative godfather’ for commercial turned first time feature film director Nima Nourizadeh, and even the casting process is a bit of a mystery.

Earlier this week, Phillips and Silver launched a website searching for unknowns to be cast in the movie. The only requirements were that submitters must be U.S. residents, be able to pass for 18 years old, and submit a video tape telling their most embarrassing story, craziest party story, the riskiest or most daring thing they’ve ever done, and demonstrate an impressive dance.

But that’s basically all we knew about the project. The ‘outrageous high concept’ story was being kept tightly under wraps. Until now…

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