The Good Dinosaur

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Pixar Animation Studios and preview the company’s next film The Good Dinosaur. You can read what I learned about the making of The Good Dinosaur here. While at Pixar, I had that opportunity to sit down with a bunch of the creatives behind the film.

After the jump you will find my interview with director Peter Sohn, who I’ve talked to a few times over the years and seems like a great and talented guy. In the interview, Pete talks about some of his favorite movies he recommends to friends, the evolution of the project over the years, how he got involved as a director, his vision behind the stark contrast between the beautiful, almost photo realistic backgrounds and the cartoony characters, a scene from the film that I felt was a homage to Jaws, the 1400 kid search for the main star of this film, how directing the voice actors for the English version of Miyazaki’s Ponyo helped him in making this film, and find out who directs Peter Sohn when he performs in his own film. All this and more in our Peter Sohn Good Dinosaur interview, after the jump.

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Oh, lord. In a story about Precious director Lee Daniels moving to CAA, I expected to find some indication of whether his next film would indeed be The Butler for Sony, or if he might actually make Selma, the film he worked to get off the ground for much of this year. It’s still looking like The Butler will be his next. But there’s another tidbit in there, too: the director is attached to remake Frederico Fellini‘s Nights of Cabiria. What? Read More »