Billy Eichner Romantic Comedy

Director Judd Apatow helped launch the big screen careers of Steve Carell and Seth Rogen thanks to their star-making lead roles in the R-rated comedies The 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Next he’ll be doing the same with an autobiographical comedy from Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson, but that’s not the only comedian who will get the Apatow touch.

Judd Apatow will be producing a yet-to-be-titled romantic comedy starring and written by comedian Billy Eichner, best known for the comedy series Billy on the Street. And the good news is it will reunite Apatow with Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nick Stoller. Read More »

dora the explorer movie

The live-action Dora the Explorer movie has founds its lead: Isabela Moner, who appeared in Transformers: The Last Knight, will play the children’s television character, who has grown into a teenager in the film.

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Dora the Explorer movie

Dora the Explorer, the popular and educational animated children’s television character who reigned supreme for 14 years on Nickelodeon, is about to make the leap to the big screen in a very unexpected way. Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes will produce a live-action take on the character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Neighbors director Nick Stoller. I’m not making any of this up, I swear to you. You can get the full Dora the Explorer movie details below.

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Friends from College - Nick Stoller

Earlier in the summer, director Nick Stoller brought Neighbors: Sorority Rising to the big screen, a surprisingly satisfying comedy sequel. But for his next project, he’s heading to the small screen with a new comedy project at Netflix.

Friends from College is a new comedy series coming from Nick Stoller and his wife Francesca Delbanco, and they’ve rounded up a solid comedic cast and includes Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Fred Savage and more. Find out more about Netflix’s Friends from College TV series after the jump. Read More »

I can hardly keep track of all the projects David O. Russell has been attached to or rumored for since his Oscar nomination for The Fighter, but here’s another one to add to the list. Recent reports claim that he’s signed on for Sony’s American Bullshit, a 2010 Black List script by Eric Warren Singer that Ben Affleck was eyeing earlier this year. The crime drama recounts the true tale of “Abscam,” a Congressional sting set up in 1980 by the FBI in an effort to eradicate corruption. The operation was masterminded by an individual described as “the world’s greatest con man.”

THR writes that Russell may or may not stick with the movie depending on who gets cast in the two lead roles; one rumor names Christian Bale as a potential star for the project. However, according to Deadline, Russell’s reps have flat-out denied that the filmmaker has anything to do with the picture at all. We’ll have to wait and see how this one pans out, but either way, it’s worth noting that Russell’s involvement is far from a sure thing at this point.

After the jump, Jake Kasdan gets sexy with Jason Segel.

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It’s not like Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the gang ever totally disappeared from the public eye, but last fall’s The Muppets definitely went a long way toward reinvigorating the franchise for a whole new generation. The film was a hit both critically and commercially, and it’s in no way surprising that Disney’s now getting the pieces together to move forward on the sequel.

What’s disappointing, however, is that it seems Jason Segel — who not only starred in, but also wrote and executive produced the The Muppets — won’t be involved in a screenwriting capacity. (Don’t freak out, Gary fans — it’s still possible he’ll star.) Instead, Muppets director James Bobin and original co-writer Nicholas Stoller have closed a deal to pen the script. More details after the jump. Read More »

Aside from a brief appearance by Miss Piggy and Kermit and a win for composer Bret McKenzie, this weekend’s Oscar ceremony was tragically light on the Muppets. But in just a few weeks, fans will be able to get their fill of the gang when the film hits DVD and Blu-ray.

Today, we have a preview of some of the bonus features from The Muppets, including a making-of featurette, a blooper reel, and a deleted scene — plus a clip of Kermit and Glee star Darren Criss performing “Rainbow Connection” for E!’s pre-Oscars show, just because. Watch them after the jump.

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Frequent collaborators Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller may have toned down their raunchy humor for The Muppets script, but they could be diving back into adult-themed material with Sex Tape. Stoller is in talks to direct the raunchy comedy, written by Kate Angelo, while Segel has been offered the male lead. Though neither has officially signed on just yet, given the material and their proclivity for working together, it seems reasonably likely they’ll ultimately board the project together.

Less certain is who’ll play Segel’s co-star, should he sign on. Though Reese Witherspoon is Sony’s top choice, the A-list actress is apparently a long shot. Happily, the studio already has a shortlist of other strong candidates, which include some of the usual suspects. More details after the jump.

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Nicholas Stoller has made a name for himself as director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the upcoming Get Him to the Greek, but he’s also a writer. His script was the backbone for the Jack Black version of Gulliver’s Travels that is now being promoted at Cannes, and he’s the screenwriter behind Stretch Armstrong and the co-writer (with Jason Segel) of The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time.

While promoting Get Him to the Greek, Stoller explained his approach to writing Stretch Armstrong and talked about the current state of the Muppets. Read More »

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TwilightShock has new set photos from the upcoming adaptation of Twilight.

Transformers 2 is set to begin shooting on June 2nd 2008 (presumably in Philadelphia?). [tfw2005]

Nick Stoller has been hired to write and direct Get Him to the Greek for Judd Apatow and Universal Pictures. The film will star Jonah Hill as a fresh-out-of-college insurance adjuster who is hired to accompany an out-of-control rock star (Russell Brand) from London to a gig at L.A.’s Greek Theater. [variety]

Kevin Smith
will release a series of online short behind the scene videos in the lead up to Zack and Miri Make a Porno. [MMM]

Crocs plan to release footwear inspired by WALL-E. I’m guessing they will still look like clown shoes. [pixarplanet]

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HulkThe Incredible Hulk has been spotted selling EAS’ Myoplex in Magazines. [SHH]

The founder of the first ever British Jedi Church and his brother were attacked by a Darth Vader impersonator while being filmed talking about Star Wars by a local TV documentary crew. District Judge Andrew Shaw demanded that police track down the impersonator and said: “I hope the force will soon be with him.” I kid you not. [telegraph]

Filmmaker Spike Lee has hooked up with Nokia to direct a movie made with cell phone footage from everyday people in what he calls the democratization of film. Sounds like Spike Lee got a Nokia payday. [UGO]

io9 has a look at Toxic Avenger: The Musical.