Details on Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus have remained shrouded in secrecy from the very beginning, and not much has changed now that shooting is actually underway. A couple of new tidbits today don’t reveal a whole lot more, but in the absence of any solid details about the film, seem worth noting nonetheless. After all, what kind of jerks would we be if we didn’t share what little information we had?

According to his resume, recently posted on the Worldwide Production Agency website, designer Neville Page is working on concept art and costumes for Prometheus. Page’s previous work includes creature designs for Avatar, Cloverfield, and Star Trek, as well as costume design on Tron: Legacy, Green Lantern, and the upcoming Spider-Man.

As other folks have pointed out, Page’s Cloverfield monster bears a resemblance to the Space Jockey from Alien, which an earlier rumor suggested would be appearing in Prometheus. What Page’s involvement actually means for Prometheus, I have no idea — but the fact that Page knows how to visualize Alien-esque creatures seems like a promising sign, at least. [AvPGalaxy]

Edit: We’ve been informed that Neville Page’s work was done in very early stages of the film only. What you’ll see in Prometheus was actually designed by Carlos Huante.

After the jump, Michael Fassbender speaks and we get an early glimpse at the set. Kind of.

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Neville Page is working on JJ AbramsSuper 8. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering that concept designer/creature creator Page created the Cloverfield monster in the Abrams-produced sci-fi movie, and worked closely with the filmmaker creating the creatures and characters in Star Trek. Neville’s credits also include Garfield, Fantastic Four, Superman Returns, The Chronicles of Narnia, Watchmen, Avatar, Piranha 3D, Green Lantern, Tron: Legacy and even David Fincher’s upcoming 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo.

The designer tells WiReD Magazine that he has done “the range, the gamut” of design work on Super 8. Watch some clips from their interview with Page, after the jump. Page also talks about his work on Tron: Legacy and how he tried but failed to talk James Cameron into appearing in Pirahna 3D.

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With less than two weeks to go before James Cameron‘s Avatar hits the big screen worldwide, 20th Century Fox is definitely full throttle into marketing and promotion. After the jump we have a lot of new Avatar news tidbits, including another early review, this time a bit positive, more big claims from Sigourney Weaver, some quotes from creature designer Neville Page (Cloverfield) on the creatures of Pandora, more speculation on the real budget of the film, and two new featurettes (one of which is a really cool scientific nature documentary about Pandora).

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