The Wizard of Lies teaser trailer

HBO kicked off its winter 2017 programming this past weekend with The Young Pope, but they also took that opportunity to remind you there’s even more great stuff coming up on the horizon. Like The Wizard of Lies, the first-ever HBO project starring Robert De Niro. He plays Bernie Madoff, whom you may remember as that investment advisor who was arrested in 2008 for perpetrating one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in history. Michelle Pfeiffer stars as his wife, Ruth Madoff. Watch the Wizard of Lies teaser below. Read More »

Gotham Mr Freeze

Feeling a chill in the air? That’s no ordinary fall breeze — or at least, that’s not just an ordinary fall breeze. It’s the impending arrival of Mr. Freeze on Fox’s GothamNathan Darrow of House of Cards has just been set to play the stone-cold baddie, and you can find out exactly when he’ll appear after the jump.  Read More »