VFX Artists React to Shazam

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In this edition, the VFX artists at Corridor Crew are joined by director David F. Sandberg to look at his DC Comics movie Shazam! and some other blockbusters. Plus, former Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage shows us what’s left of the original test dummy Buster from the beloved science experiment series, and watch a reel of bloopers from the Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This. Read More »

White Rabbit Project trailer

MythBusters ended its run earlier this year, after fifteen seasons on the Discovery Channel. But if you still haven’t quite gotten over that loss, then Netflix may have just the thing for you. The streaming service has unveiled the first trailer for White Rabbit Project, which looks basically like MythBusters minus Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Instead, the former Build Team — Grant ImaharaKari Byron, and Tory Belleci — gets to be front and center this time.

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White Rabbit Project

The long-running Discovery Channel science experiment show Mythbusters came to an end with its final season earlier this year. However, for the last run of the show, the series went back to its roots by bringing back only Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as hosts, leaving the trio of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara to move on to other things. Now we get to see what those three were up to while Savage and Hyneman wrapped up Mythbusters.

White Rabbit Project is a new unscripted series that brings back Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara to the world of science, this time on Netflix. For those who were disappointed to see these three get left out of all the fun in the final season of Mythbusters, it sounds like this new show will share some similarities with their former TV gig. Find out what we know about White Rabbit Project after the jump. Read More »

Mythbusters cancelled

Update From Editor Peter Sciretta: Watch Mythbusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman say their goodbye to fans after the show’s 13 season run after the jump.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Acme Direct

Now don’t get jittery, Luke. There are a lot of Star Wars Bits. Keep your distance, though, Chewie, but don’t *look* like you’re trying to keeping your distance. This edition of news from a galaxy far, far away includes:

  • New Star Wars artwork from Acme Direct
  • A look at The Force Awakens Black Series figures from Wave 2
  • Giant pig-like creature from The Force Awakens has a name
  • Fans will seriously love a certain Jar Jar Binks reference in Disney Infinity
  • Find out what Lucasfilm wouldn’t let Mythbusters do on TV
  • Star Wars: Aftermath connections to existing universe revealed
  • The first gay Star Wars character has been introduced

All this and more, after the jump.

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PJ McQuade Star Wars Christmas

This edition of Star Wars Bits is all over the map. Below read about the following:

  • Star Wars joins Tumblr
  • …and reveals some new Star Wars Rebels concept art.
  • Disney announces the 2014 dates for Star Wars Weekends.
  • Mythbusters is doing a Star Wars themed episode, watch a trailer.
  • Dave Filoni talks about Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • Get two popular Star Wars mobile games at a discount.

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Breaking Bad Season 5 - Walt and Jesse

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t get WiFi service, you no doubt already know that AMC’s Breaking Bad returned this past weekend for its final eight-episode stretch. The meth drama wasted no time, picking up just minutes, if not seconds, after last year’s “Gliding Over All” left off and barreling ahead through some major plot points.

But if you’ve taken your sweet time getting around to watching the show, now’s your chance. The network has put the entire season premiere “Blood Money” online for free, so you don’t even need a cable subscription to watch it. And once you’re done with that, you can review the plausibility of Walt’s various tricks in Mythbusters‘ “Breaking Bad Special,” which has also made its way online. Watch both videos after the jump.

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Breaking Bad, while being one of the most intense and revered shows currently on television, does sometimes require suspension of disbelief. It never feels fake, but the ways in which things happen to work out just so for teacher turned meth dealer Walt and his protege Jesse can sometimes raise an eyebrow or two.

Two particular instances of this will be tested on the 10th season of Mythbusters. The gang from the popular Discovery Channel show are fans of Vince Gilligan‘s AMC thriller, and the feeling is reciprocated by Gilligan. That shared love and respect has lead the Breaking Bad creator and one of his stars, Aaron Paul, to appear on an upcoming episode Mythbusters. Which myths will they bust? Read more after the jump. Read More »

It’s a given that movie science needs to be taken with a big fat grain of salt, but even by those standards, some films seem to push the limits of implausibility more than others. And I’m not just talking about obvious nonsense like superpower-bestowing radioactive spider bites here.

So some science-minded folks are fighting back, playfully, by investigating and possibly debunking some of the crazier claims made by Hollywood. On NPR, pop culture’s favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses the viability (or lack thereof) of 007’s coolest gadgets, while over on Mythbusters, the hosts cast doubt on James Cameron‘s insistence that Jack had to die at the end of Titanic.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Jack’s decision to let Rose take the plank at the end of Titanic was unquestionably a noble and romantic one. Unlike so many self-sacrificial heroes, however, he doesn’t go out in a blaze of glory. Instead, he huddles in the icy water and slowly freezes to death. His lady love, meanwhile, gets to sprawl out on her perch and gaze at the stars as she waits for help.

This spring’s 3D rerelease of Titanic inspired a fresh wave of grumbling from viewers convinced that Rose might’ve saved Jack, had she only been smart or generous enough to scoot over a few inches and allow Jack to board the life raft with her. Two fans even mapped out a to-scale outline of the plank and posed within it, definitively proving there was more than enough room for both to fit. But writer/director James Cameron says space was never the issue — their combined weight was. And he’s working with MythBusters to prove it.

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