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A year—that’s all it took for my opinion on Glee to change from “yay” to “bleh”. Last time I wrote about the series, Fox had preemptively released a Vol. 1 DVD release/cash grab for the show, and at the time, my enthusiasm for Glee was at its peak. Then the show’s sugar high wore off, and left me with a repeat of tiring romances and routine sad-funny character subplots. The first half of the season—”The Road to Sectionals”, as it’s referred to on the DVD—had an upbeat yet insidious charm to it, and its cynical undertones (turned into deliciously hate-filled overtones by Jane Lynch) kept the otherwise cheerfully formulaic material feeling fresh. And after bringing many of the subplots to a satisfying close, it seemed like the show writers were planning to change up the story and character relationships just in the nick of time. Instead, they sought out frustrating ways to negate any progress that the story had made in order to unenthusiastically recycle subplots that had since grown bland. And perhaps this is just a result of my waning interest, but by the end of the season, the series’ much-needed edge had been lost as well. My (shameful) suggestion: stick to the Vol. 1 release, and wait out the rest of the season until you stop caring.
Available on Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: DVD & Blu-ray – Extended episodes, a sing-along karaoke, behind-the-scenes of “The Power of Madonna” episode, Glee Makeovers, never-before-seen “Sue’s Corners” and a dance tutorial titled “Staying in Step with Glee.”

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Target Best Buy Fry’s
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Amazon – $41.99

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It’s a big week for Werner Herzog fans. His new documentary, the 3D-shot Cave of Forgotten Dreams, will soon screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the first images have been revealed. (Above, for example.) And My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?, the film he made with David Lynch producing, is hitting DVD in a couple weeks, so Herzog is doing the press rounds talking about that movie.

Some of the ensuing interviews are traditional press, in which he revealed that he’s got plans for at least two new films: a desert epic and a film set in a Texas maximum-security prison. And the director has spent this afternoon answering fan questions submitted via Twitter, with the video answers posted to YouTube. Read More »


Oh, I’ve been waiting for this one. Werner Herzog has recently completed not one film (Bad Lieutenant) but two, the second being the David Lynch-produced My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. Both are going to show up at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. And now My Son has a trailer that is…well, just watch this sucker, after the break. Read More »

I first read about David Lynch and Werner Herzog’s upcoming collaboration at the time of last year’s Cannes festival, before Herzog had even commenced filming on his upcoming Bad Lieutenant do-over. Back then, all that was known was the basic premise: a man believes himself in a Sophocles play and, accordingly, slaughters his mother with a sword. Scenes of the murder will be mixed into the plot line as flashbacks and we’ll get to know the killer very well indeed. I’m assuming the play is Electra, but I may be wrong.

It was also assumed then that Lynch would be the director; now it has been announced that Werner Herzog will be the man in charge. Indeed, Lynch’s role is a rather minor producing engagement. Further to this, we know who is lining up for roles and for the most part, it’s just the crew you might expect.

Michael Shannon, Udo Kier, Grace Zabriskie, Willem Defoe and Chloe Sevigny all have roles, Shannon presumably as the son and Zabriskie as the mother. Screen Daily carry the announcement – most of the names they name are newly associated to the project.

Shannon has been nominated for an Oscar this year for his supporting role in Revolutionary Road. There’s nothing really wrong with his performance but I can’t throw my weight behind the accolade. It isn’t his fault, but his role is so ill-conceived, mechanical and unresolved – he’s just a walking cliche there to “illuminate truths” and facilitate the plot, slightly (my quote marks crucial, because the part is neither illuminating, nor are these truths anything more than observations the audience is more than capable of making by themselves).

Shannon has made something of a speciality out of playing the mentally troubled/troubling, with Bug, Revolutionary Road and now this. His more “sane” roles have garnered far less attention, so maybe it’s less external typecasting than a short-term careerist move? Let’s see what he starts lining up in the future.

Shannon also apparently worked with Herzog on the recently-completed Bad Lieutenant film, though for some reason the imdb don’t seem to know this.

Filming on My Son is due to kick off in March, in the Coronado Island region of California though some filming is also due to take place in Peru.

Herzog attests to his interest by saying “I always wanted to make a horror film, but not with bloody axes and chain-saws. An anonymous fear should rather creep up at you.” I think Herzog has made at least two horror films in the past: his remake of Nosferatu, most obviously; Even Dwarves Started Small more controversially.

There’s nothing anonymous about the son, so I suppose this fear Herzog references is elsewhere contained in the film – in the creeping madness that overtakes him perhaps.

With My Son alongside Lars von Trier’s Antichrist, Defoe sure has a nice little pair of off-mainstream horror films coming; and with the Spierig Brothers’ Daybreakers, a hopefully just as nice, in the mainstream one too.