Air Strike Bruce Willis

Sometimes trailers slip through the cracks, ready to be lost in the digital ether like tears in rain. But not on our watch – not today. We’ve rounded up a few recent trailers for you to check out below: a Bruce Willis/Adrian Brody joint called Air Strike, Peter Dinklage in an HBO original called My Dinner with Hervé, Game of ThronesDavid Bradley in a horror film called Await Further Instructions, a German thriller called Four Hands, an alien abduction story called Beyond the Sky, and more.
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Sacha Gervasi is looking to follow up his hit documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil with an intriguing sorta-biopic called My Dinner With Hervé. The film will follow the final days of Fantasy Island TV star Hervé Villechaize, based in part on the interviews that Sacha Gervasi actually did with the actor just before his suicide in 1993. So it’s an unusual setup — essentially Mr. Gervasi has written and will direct a film in which an actor plays him in a dramatization of the interviews and circumstances that surrounded them.

Peter Dinklage has long been set to play the title role in the film, and now it looks like Dominic Cooper is set to play Sacha Gervasi’s role. Read More »