Film critics have had decades to perfect the art of the long form movie review. The short form review however, made popular in the last few years thanks in part to Twitter and YouTube, is still in its infancy. It’s easy to blab on and on for 3,000 words about why a movie is good or bad, but to take all of those thoughts and squish them into 140 characters is difficult. That doesn’t stop thousands upon thousands of people from doing it though, myself included.

Then there’s Mr. Moviefone, aka Russ Leatherman, who does something similar: he publishes online movie reviews that last only six seconds. In that tiny window of time, he’s tries to tell you everything you need to know about a movie. Call it what you will but the idea seems to be paying off as Mr. Moviefone’s Six Second Reviews will now be turned into a syndicated radio segment. Read more about the deal and hear some of the Six Second Reviews after the break. Read More »