Since releasing the relatively underwhelming period gangster film Public Enemies, director Michael Mann has been tested with the HBO series Luck, and has dithered over a few different potential feature directing gigs. Now it looks like he’s got one locked down, and it isn’t a choice off the big list that he’s known to be working from over the past couple years.

The new film is currently untitled, but will feature Chris Hemsworth (Thor) in the lead role. More interesting is that the film will be made for Legendary Pictures, the outfit that is better known for big tentpole fare (such as The Dark Knight, Pacific Rim, and Godzilla) than it is for nuanced thrillers of the sort Mann tends to make. Read More »

Here’s some great news for the legions and legions of Mass Effect fans out there. Screenwriter Morgan Davis Foehl has been hired to take a new pass at a script for the popular video game turned big budget film. His hiring marks the first significant movement on the project since 2010 when Legendary Pictures purchased the rights to the franchise, which centers on a 22nd century military commander who leads a human army against a race of alien robots who selectively wipe out a galaxy every 50,000 years.

Davis-Foehl has yet to have a script produced, but he had one on the 2009 Black List, and he wrote Alien Sleeper Cell and worked on Rescue Me as well as some Happy Madison films. He’s a massive Mass Effect fan and producers liked his take after, obviously, deciding not to move forward with the original script written by Mark Protosevich. Read more after the jump. Read More »

The title “Alien Sleeper Cell” conjures up a very specific scenario. Aliens pass for humans and live among us until, triggered by a cataclysmic event, they rise up to take over the humans. Which, actually, sounds a lot like the ABC show V. That’s probably a good thing because any image that title brings to mind is more evocative than the actual information that’s out there for the new project Alien Sleeper Cell.

Concerning “otherworldly beasties” the film is currently in development based on an idea by producer Felipe Linz. It’ll be written by former editor Morgan Davis Foehl and produced by Adrian Askarieh and Bill Block, who produced District 9. Read more about the parties involved after the jump. Read More »