famous sketches retold
Some of the performers of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre have banded together to create a new comedy short which shows what some of the classic sketches might look like if they were directed by some of the famous film directors of today. The video imagines what it would be like if Wes Anderson directed Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First?”, Michael Moore directed Monty Python’s “The Ministry of Silly Walks”, and Quentin Tarantino directed The Kids in the Hall’s “I’m Crushing Your Head”? Watch the video after the jump.
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Terry Gilliam is the greatest film director in the history of cinema.  I’m glad I got that of my chest so early in my /Filming career.  Now we’ve covered it, we can move on… to a Gilliam-centric news piece.

iTunes are now offering the Monty Python back catalogue, including Holy Grail, Life of Brian, The Meaning of Life and Live at the Hollywood Bowl, alongside the entire run of Flying Circus.  The movies can be purchased for a cent under $10 or rented for a cent under $3, the shows purchased for a cent under $2.  Grab the lot and put the saved cent in a jar each time and by the time you’re over-Pythoned you’ll have enough for a second hand DVD copy of Gilliam’s first non-Python work, Jabberwocky.  Too tight for even that?  Then you’re in luck: there’s a link to something free after the break. Read More »