joe dante ombra amor

Pitting vampires against werewolves isn’t a new thing, and it has even been done recently, in the Underworld series. But it can be done a lot better than Underworld managed, and Joe Dante (Gremlins, Burying the Ex) is going to see if he can be the one to do it. Dante has announced a film called Ombra Amor, which is in fact a relaunch of an idea he was working on a few years back. It will shoot in Rome and present a classically-influenced version of the supernatural battle. Read More »

Once again, Hollywood proves it isn’t satisfied til a trend has been completely beaten into the ground… then beaten some more… then covered with two tons of dirt and had a cross-shaped headstone laid on top of it.

Gremlins director Joe Dante will be helming Monster Love for Darclight, the genre arm of Arclight Films. The screenplay, by comics writer Greg Pak, is a horror-comedy about a werewolf and a vampire whose romance sparks an inter-species war. If that plot sounds new and exciting to you, you probably haven’t been awake for the past five years. More details, including the synopsis from the press release, after the jump. Read More »