Monster Hunt

Just as the unstoppable Hollywood force that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally makes its way to China, a Chinese box-office juggernaut is turning up on our shores. Monster Hunt, which became the country’s highest-grossing movie of all time last summer, is opening in North America later this month thanks to FilmRise and Asia Releasing. More details on the Monster Hunt US release after the jump.  Read More »

monster hunt trailer

Monster Hunt is China’s highest-grossing movie of all time, and it’s coming to the United States next month. With $381 million dollars worldwide so far, the 3D fantasy film shattered records in China, including the opening-day and single-day record for a local film. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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Monster Hunt trailer

A movie titled Monster Hunt has just become the highest grossing Chinese movie of all time. The live action/CGI fantasy epic has now grossed $211 million worldwide after just two weeks of release. So what is Monster Hunt? Hit the jump to find out and watch the Monter Hunt trailer.

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