The iconic Apocalypse Now poster by artist Bob Peak has been reproduced and will go on sale tomorrow courtesy of the folks at Mondo. The late Peak is often heralded as one of the best movie poster artists in the history of film, and it’s easy to see why – his work is sharp, bold, and instantly memorable, and his Apocalypse Now poster is one of his very best.

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zack snyder's justice league soundtrack

When your superhero movie’s runtime is just north of four hours, you’ve got to have a supersized soundtrack to match. And Mondo is delivering, with a Zack Snyder’s Justice League soundtrack release that comes in a box set of 7 vinyl discs. Naturally, it comes in black and white.

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the handmaiden mondo

Park Chan-wook‘s modern masterpiece The Handmaiden gets a properly steamy poster from Mondo, courtesy of artist J.A.W. Cooper. And by steamy, we mean literally — the poster depicts the famous bathtub scene from the film. But also, in the descriptive sense, because oh boy was Park’s 2016 erotic thriller something else.

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mondo godzilla statue

Godzilla towers over skyscrapers and citscapes, but a new Mondo collectible for Godzilla ’89 will be able to tower over your coffee table. Measuring at 18 inches tall and 15 inches wide, and weighing a whopping 12 1/2 lbs, the Mondo Godzilla ’89 statue is the company’s largest collectible to date. And it will be available to purchase in both a regular and limited edition.

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Cameron Crowe vinyl soundtracks

Cameron Crowe knows a thing or two about music. He got his start as a 16-year-old music journalist for Rolling Stone – an experience he expanded into a feature film with Almost Famous. Now, Mondo is releasing a series of vinyl soundtracks devoted to Crowe’s films, starting off with his angsty teen dramedy Say Anything. Later this year, Mondo will continue the series with expanded soundtracks for Singles and Jerry Maguire.

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Mondo vinyl

Mondo is kicking off 2021 the only way they know how: by honoring the only superhero movie that features an octopus playing the drums.

The company has announced that it will be celebrating the heroes of the DC Universe throughout 2021 with “the premiere vinyl pressings” of soundtracks to multiple DC films and TV shows, beginning with Rupert Gregson-Williams‘ score for James Wan‘s Aquaman. Other films and TV soundtracks to receive Mondo vinyl releases this year include Shazam!, the first and second seasons of Doom Patrol, and one especially exciting score that still stands as one of the best collection of music from any DC-related property: 1978’s Superman: The Movie.
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eyes wide shut vinyl soundtrack

Nothing says the holidays like Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick‘s psycho-sexual drama set at Christmastime. Kubrick’s film – his last, completed right before his death – has become a kind of gonzo alternative holiday movie, and to celebrate this festive season, Mondo is releasing the film’s soundtrack on vinyl for the first time ever. The Eyes Wide Shut vinyl soundtrack release was even fully approved by stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and the Kubrick Estate.

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Mondo auction

If you’re the type of pop culture art connoisseur who has Google alerts set up for things like “Tyler Stout Star Wars,” here’s something that should make your ears perk up.

Alamo Drafthouse has announced that later this month, art enthusiasts will be able to bid in an open auction for rare art prints from Mondo, one of the premier sellers of pop culture art in the United States. All of the poster posters up for auction will be coming from the personal collection of Drafthouse founder Tim League, the opening bid for every single print will start at $1, and 100% of the proceeds will go toward paying Drafthouse staff and for debt and expenses accrued during the pandemic closures. Get the Mondo auction details below. Read More »

New Mondo Disney Tiki Mugs

Mondo has given the Tiki Mug treatment to Universal Monsters, Gremlins, Predator, Alien, Marvel Comics characters, and more. But recently, they’ve been teaming up with Disney to bring some of their iconic characters to shelves as collectible handmade ceramic Tiki Mugs, and today brings new additions from The Lion King, The Rocketeer, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and each one has several different color variants. Check out all the new Mondo Disney Tiki Mugs below. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Michael Giacchino

Academy-award winning composer Michael Giacchino has finally made his debut album. Travelogue Volume 1 by Michael Giacchino and his Nouvelle Modernica Orchestra tells the story of an alien’s journey on Earth. Each song opens with a narration of the alien describing her experience before Giacchino and his orchestra launch into snappy, melancholic, or adventurous foot-tapping and finger-snapping tunes.

The album is a throwback to the old radio shows the composer grew up loving, the sound both nostalgic and modern. It is pure Giacchino fun with a side of darkness influenced by the unfortunate state of the world. The composer behind classic Pixar films, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the most recent Star Trek and Planet of the Apes films orchestrated a sci-fi album for the times. As Giacchino told us over a zoom call from his beautiful workspace, the alien’s story and his solo career won’t end with volume one.

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