Quentin Tarantino continues to fill his upcoming film, Django Unchained, with a sprinkling of his regulars and a great many excellent actors you’d never expect to play in his universe.

For example he’s just cast the RZA, who scored both Kill Bill films for Tarantino, in a small role as a mean slave named Thaddeus. That makes sense. Making less sense, but equally awesome, are the additions of Misty Upham (who held her own against eventual Oscar-winner Melissa Leo in Frozen River) as a bar owner named Minnie and Without a Trace‘s Anthony LaPaglia as an evil Australian who buys slaves to fight. Both of those actors haven’t worked with Tarantino before so they, along with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Don Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gerald McRaney and M.C. Gainey, go to show how boisterous, and meticulous, the director is casting every single role in his anti-slavery “Southern.” There’s more after the jump. Read More »