Gus Van Sant’s Milk Set Photos

Aquarius Records

Gus Van Sant‘s Harvey Milk bio-pic Milk is currently shooting in my hometown of San Francisco. But for some reason I’m stranded miles away in Park City. Anyway, the production designers are giving Castro street a retro make-over. The following photos shows work on some of the store fronts, which includes a new 70s psychedelic music store called Aquarius Records on Castro and 19th Street.  More Photos after the jump.

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Gus Van Sant’s Milk Begins January

I have a feeling that Bryan Singer is really pissed. He’s been attached to a biopic of famous San Francisco politician and gay rights activist for I don’t even know how many years now. Gus Van Sant announced months back that he would also be making a Harvey Milk movie, but one of the Hairspray producers (who is also producing Singer’s Milk movie) told me that Van Sant’s film won’t happen any time soon, and that they aren’t sweating it. But now Focus Features has announced that Gus Van Sant’s Harvey Milk picture starring Sean Penn will start production in January. Like I said, I’m sure Singer is really pissed. Read the full release below.

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